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SuperKids™ Liquid Multivitamin

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SuperKids™ Liquid Multivitamin

Superkids™ Liquid Multivitamin

Like our other Supers, SuperKids™ contain no synthetic dyes or sugar. Derived from real foods, SuperKids™ are chock-full of antioxidants like Vitamins C and E, bioflavonoids, lycopene, and other carotenes to wage war against free radicals assaulting your child’s body through processed foods and polluted air.  SuperKids™ comes in two great flavors: orange and multi-berry.

SuperKids™ Liquid Multivitamin

SuperKids - Orange

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Product Questions

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Do you have the multi berry in stock?
Is this product Vegan?
Are here enough nutrients/vitamins in this formula for a 15-year old girl? If not, what would I supplement with?
Would this be OK for my 10 month old to take? She is eating solid foods. If not, at what age can I start her? Thanks!
Do you all use non GMO ingredients in this product?
About the soy lecithin. Does this product contain it in an insignificant amount?
Why does this quality product contain "natural flavors"? Can you please provide the inclusive ingredients unmasked by this umbrella ingredient? Thank you!
Can I give this to my 6 month old?
Can my 5 (almost 6) month old take this? If so what dosage would you recommend? Thank you!
Are theses ingredients organic?
What's the shelf life for an opened container kept refridgerated?
I saw the question on an 18 month being able to consume the multivitamin but at a smaller dosage, after the drop or test for allergies. What about for those younger, such as 15 months old? What would be the cut off age where it wouldnt be recommended?
What is the age recommendation for this product. My kids are older, 14 and 12 is this something you would recommend for them?
What is the shelf life of an unopened container? I'd like to buy several to stock up.
Thank you
Since taking this supplement I have noticed my child's urine is a much brighter yellow. Is this from a dye or does this indicate a vitamin not being absorbed properly or extra amounts of a vitamin just being dispelled?
How many doses does each bottle contain?
My pediatrician has suggested my 18 month old start taking a multivitamin. Is this ok for a younger child if taken in smaller doses?
I accidentally left my bottle of super kids on the kitchen counter overnight and forgot to refrigerate it. Is it still safe to give my kids or has it gone bad?
The disclaimer says that the multiberry contains lead???
Could you please tell me what is in the Natural Flavors of your SuperKids liquid multivitamin? I see they are free of dairy and gluten, but I am also concerned with any derivative of palm, coconut, sunflower, safflower, chamomile, and lanolin. Also, what is your xylitol sourced from? Thank you for your help. I am trying to find a suitable vitamin for my 5 year old daughter who is anaphylactic to a multitude of foods.
~ Jen

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