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    Tummy Tuneup Junior!

    A Chewable Probiotic for Kids

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    Floradix Iron + Herbs

    Bestselling iron supplement!

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    Mineral Makeup

    Our 100% pure mineral makeup line. Chemical Free!


Customer Reviews

  1. D3 - 120 Softgels 5000 IU

    Easy to take!
    My husband and I each take one of these D3 pills everyday along with our Super vitamins from Beeyoutiful. I love the small size of them and how easy they are to take. I feel good taking these rather than some supermarket brand, knowing the quality ...

    Lana -- Posted 2/3/14

Customer Reviews

  1. "Just for Kids" Organic Throat Coat Tea

    very good!
    MY kids loves it . It has sweet flavor which plain throat tea doesn't have.
    When kids came down with sore throat, they always ask for it and even my husband like this more than "adult one".

    Jinnie -- Posted 1/11/13

Customer Reviews

  1. SuperKids™ Liquid Multivitamin

    My girls gag
    I wish my girls, 9 and 5 years old, would take these. I am impressed with the ingredients and quality. Unfortunately I can't even get the girls to take it in a smoothy! They hate the smell. They are not normaly picky eaters either.

    Jen B. -- Posted 11/11/08