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    Basil Essential Oil

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    Mineral Makeup

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Customer Reviews

  1. Bamboo Charcoal Unscented Soap - 5.3 oz

    Husband loved it!
    I have been experimenting on my husband with natural soaps for about two years, now. This is the first soap that he wanted to use again. When he was close to running out he said, "We need to get more of that soap. I am just about out." He has super s...

    Timin -- Posted 10/18/13

Customer Reviews

  1. Ow!-Ease™ - 1 oz.

    A fantastic product for people like me who always have bruises somewhere.
    If there's a sharp corner anywhere in my vicinity, I'm bound to run into it and get a bruise. There are always at least four or five bruises on my legs alone. I bought Ow-Ease in hopes that it would help get rid of a stubborn bruise I had for over ...

    Mamatoto -- Posted 1/29/09

Customer Reviews

  1. TheraNeem Herbal Neem Mint Mouthwash- 16 oz

    Excellent mouthwash - very soothing and helpful
    I bought this mouthwash because I was having extreme sensitivity with a few of my teeth and my gums. It tastes great and leaves my mouth feeling fresh. I've been using it a couple of times a day for the past week, and the sensitivity is gone, my ...

    Mary J -- Posted 10/16/13