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    Mineral Makeup

    Our 100% pure mineral makeup line. Chemical Free!


Customer Reviews

  1. Kiss of Love Blush

    Pretty but light
    I'm so thankful for the opportunity to sample Beeyoutiful's mineral makeup! I tried this blush as a sample because it is a lovely shade. It is very light on my medium skin to the point I couldn't really tell a difference. I normally wear Warm Rose...

    Kimberly -- Posted 5/16/14

Customer Reviews

  1. Peppermint Essential Oil - 1 fl oz.

    Refreshing Drink
    I have started adding 1 drop of peppermint oil to my 32 oz water bottle -- what a great "zing!" and wake up in the drowsy hours of the afternoon!
    My kiddos even request a sip if they're tummy is feeling yucky! Love this stuff!

    Carrie -- Posted 6/10/13

Customer Reviews

  1. Light Foundation Sample Set

    So nice to have samples
    I loved being able to get the samples as the color I chose was not the one that I would have chosen if I was just choosing from pictures on the website. So thankful to not waste my money and be able to try the different colors in order to chose the ...

    Heather -- Posted 5/8/14