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Customer Reviews

  1. Tea Tree Essential Oil - 1 fl oz.

    Works WONDERS on earaches
    If you've never had an earache, you have NO idea the intense pain they can cause. I had an ear drum rupture due to an ear infection as an adult and when my daughter started getting terrible earaches, I started doing lots of research on what I could ...

    Susan -- Posted 7/31/14

Customer Reviews

  1. Ultimate Defense™ - 90 Vcaps

    Won't be without it!
    I have 2 young kids, so tummy issues are sure to plague our home. My husband and I take UD daily (the kids Tummy Tuneup). Whenever we have been exposed to, or think something may be on the horizon, we bump up the dosage. I had an allergic reaction to...

    T.Jones -- Posted 2/7/12

Customer Reviews

  1. Lavender Essential Oil - 1 fl oz.

    Whenever I cant sleep i put a drop or two on my pillow and it really helps me relax. I also like to put some on the floor of my shower so as I shower i can smell it. I feel so calm when i get out of the shower.

    Barbie -- Posted 9/27/13