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Customer Reviews

  1. Activated Charcoal - 125 Capsules

    Charcoal for overgrown toenails
    We are using charcoal and flaxseed for a seriously inflamed overgrown toenail and it is healing it quite nicely. Daily poultices a couple times a day has resulted in also complete healing. I love using charcoal in so many ways.

    Wendy -- Posted 9/12/13

Customer Reviews

  1. SuperKids™ Liquid Multivitamin

    My kids love it
    We have used Super Kids for the past few years and really enjoy it. We buy the orange and the kids love to take their vitamins. I try and give it several times a week but especially when sickness is going around. Thanks Beeyoutiful for making a produ...

    Kristin -- Posted 10/31/12

Customer Reviews

  1. Tummy Tuneup™

    Multiple cure-all
    Love this product! My daughter has been dealing with urinary and digestive issues. Tummy Tune Up seems to keep the urinary tract infections at bay and keep her going to the bathroom on a regular basis.

    Lately I have been feeling very bloated. Star...

    Crystal -- Posted 7/25/12