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    Basil Essential Oil

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    Heard of Enterovirus?

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    Meet the Tallents!

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    Mineral Makeup

    Our 100% pure mineral makeup line. Chemical Free!


Customer Reviews

  1. Bee's Aid™ - 1 fl oz.

    Awesome sore throat relief
    I am aware of the "typical" throat sprays that relieve your sore throat for a max of 5 minutes, but I was very surprised at how long the relief Bee's Aid provided. You can almost feel the healing that is taking place, rather than just a masking of t...

    Katie -- Posted 11/26/12

Customer Reviews

  1. Berry Well® - 8 fl. oz.

    My child liked it!
    Emily was a bit sniffly when our bottle arrived, so I had her take one dose a day for a few days. Since I think she was actually at the tail end of a mild cold, I’m not sure that it cleared the cold up, but it was gone in a couple days. We plan to...

    Debbie -- Posted 9/25/13

Customer Reviews

  1. Miracle Skin Salve™

    Love this salve!!!
    My 3yr old uses this salve for every little "booboo". She and I would highly recommend it!

    Rachel -- Posted 10/25/13