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Customer Reviews

  1. Acidophilus Blastâ„¢ - 120 Capsules

    L's are good for the small intestine, and B's profit the large intestine.
    I purchased it and took it with antibiotics, so it did seem to help me not have diarrhea and keep my immune system in working order.
    This probiotic seemed to help for a shor...

    Gigi -- Posted 3/3/15

Customer Reviews

  1. Rosemary Essential Oil - 1 fl oz.

    Great for hair and pain!
    I blend my Rosemary oil with lavender and a carrier oil for massage for muscle spasms and cramps. I have a lot of muscle pain due to long-ago car wrecks and Lyme Disease. This works wonders on those aching muscles. I also use it on my hair. I have ad...

    bysearching -- Posted 1/1/14

Customer Reviews

  1. Deep Brown

    Great eye liner!
    I bought the sample of deep brown in hopes it would be a great replacement for my Neutrogena eyeliner. I was not disappointed!! Once I wet my brush, swirl, and tap it off, it goes on smooth and even. Using the brush is infinitely more gentle than...

    Jennifer -- Posted 3/20/13