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Customer Reviews

  1. Sweet Almond Oil - 4 fl oz.

    Light weight carrier oil
    I think this is my favorite inexpensive carrier oil for essential oils. It soaks in well but not as moisturizing as olive or coconut oil. It has a slight sweet almond scent that I enjoy as well!

    Ashlee -- Posted 5/9/13

Customer Reviews

  1. Chestnut Brown

    Nutty Brown
    I was looking for a pretty nutty brown color. This brown doesn't look orangey or red, it is a lot like coffee with cream. I really like it, though you do have to be careful putting it on as it can be too dark if you put it on too heavy. Its also a ve...

    Rosanne -- Posted 7/30/14

Customer Reviews

  1. Ow!-Ease™ - 1 oz.

    Helpful for chicken pox
    We are combating chicken pox in our home right now. This has been a soothing balm for patting onto the blisters and around the edges of them. Hoping not to "contaminate" the whole stick, we slice off just what we need with a butter knife and apply....

    joelsjen -- Posted 4/12/13