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Customer Reviews

  1. Thyme Essential Oil

    Safer household cleaner!
    I use thyme oil in my homeade household disinfectant spray bottle. (I just checked the Bee-youtiful's recipe link and see it's about the same as what I have been using.) I love letting my toddler help me clean or not worry if he touches the sprayed ...

    Anna -- Posted 5/6/13

Customer Reviews

  1. Winter Breeze Vapor Rub™ - 4 oz.

    Much relief from coughs
    We all get those emails saying to rub Vicks on your children's feet when they cough a lot at night. I wouldn't do it because of the petroleum in it. When my little one got a cough this past winter, I used Winter Breeze on her feet. She was coughin...

    Jodi -- Posted 5/27/09

Customer Reviews

  1. Tea Tree Essential Oil - 1 fl oz.

    Tea Tree Oil is tremendous!
    My eight year old and I love this product. She cleans the bathroom daily and I spray handles and door knobs regularly with our Tea Tree Oil which we add to pure water and spritz.. I think it smells fantastic & clean and helps keep those nasty nort...

    Katie -- Posted 3/4/13