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Customer Reviews

  1. All-Natural Deodorant

    Very glad for finding it!
    I'm very glad to use a deodorant that is actually not bad for us. We still use bad shampoos, lotions, soaps, but at list something we're using for our body that is not toxic. We are still in search of other body care products that are not toxic and n...

    Yelena -- Posted 5/23/13

Customer Reviews

  1. Clary Sage Essential Oil

    Love this oil
    Ive used this oil for support through all sorts of feminine issues, and use it for my teenage daughter's hormonal emotional attacks as well. Lifesaver!

    Katie -- Posted 4/10/14

Customer Reviews

  1. Ow!-Ease™ - 1 oz.

    No bruising!
    I have to say $15 might sound expensive, but this really lasts a longggg in that respect it makes the cost much more reasonable. I have this on hand for bumps and scratches...bug bites for my daughter. Most recently, I dropped a pair of...

    Cindi -- Posted 11/9/12