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    Beeyoutiful Breeze

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    Elderberry Syrup Starter Kit

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    Meet the Tallents!

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    Mineral Makeup

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Customer Reviews

  1. Tummy Tuneup™

    Great for little ones
    This is exactly what it says it is. I love it cause I can give it to my little ones and I know I'm not giving them anything bad. I break it open and dump it on a sticking out toddler tongue or put it on my finger and into my newborns mouth. It doesn'...

    Leah -- Posted 10/8/14

Customer Reviews

  1. Liquid Chlorophyll - Mint - 16 fl oz.

    Wonderful for Digestion and weight loss
    I started using this because I heard it was suppose to help with weight loss. And after 3 babies, I thought I would try it! So it did help with weight loss!! Yay! I lost weight with chlorophyll and then added excerise and diet! Almost back to pre bab...

    Katrina -- Posted 7/30/12

Customer Reviews

  1. Florie

    Like a Magic Eraser
    I use this as a compliment foundation to Fiona and get so giddy every morning when I'm applying it. I have a large scar on my forehead (the aftermath of 17 stitches) and it literally disappears with this product. I just love it.

    Alana -- Posted 3/27/14