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Customer Reviews

  1. Lavender Essential Oil - 1 fl oz.

    Sleeping Better!
    Several months ago, I tried applying lavender oil to the soles of my feet, hoping that would help me with my ongoing insomnia It smelled nice, but I didn't really notice any improvement in my sleep. Then I decided to put lavender oil in the diffuser...

    Melissa -- Posted 2/4/14

Customer Reviews

  1. Beeyoutiful Balance™ - 2 oz.

    Helped me conceive after 3 years of PCOS
    when i bought this cream i read all the reviews to see if anyone had the issues i did and if it helped i thought i would write down my positve experience incase anyone has pcos issues like me. i have had pcos for 3 years. undiagnosed for 2 ye...

    Betty -- Posted 9/19/13

Customer Reviews

  1. Miracle Skin Salve™

    No home should be without
    This stuff is awesome! I use it for every boo boo in the house. Blemishes, cuts, scrapes, cat scratches, chapped skin and lips and even diaper rash. It's really a great product that no house should be without!

    healthybratt -- Posted 1/4/14