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Breeze Diffuser

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Breeze Diffuser

Using only cold air and no heat or water, the Breeze naturally atomizes the essential oils without damaging their molecular structures or powerful therapeutic properties. The Breeze delivery system emits a micro-fine vapor of pure and natural essential oils that permeates the air. 

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Is it recommended to rinse or wash the diffuser atomizer each time we change oils? (I have simply been applying it directly to a new bottle, but am mildly concerned that I'll be mixing my oils because of the residual oil on the atomizer tube.) I checked the manual, and it's not that specific. Thanks.
Are essential oils safe for pets to breathe?
Hi, what are the dimensions of this? I'm looking to see what kind of a footprint it will take on my bedside table. Thanks!
What is the square footage of a room does this diffuser cover?
How do I know when the oil has run out, and the diffuser needs to be turned off, since it doesn´t shut off automatically? For example, if I add a few drops of the desired oil to the included bottle and turn it on, how can I be sure I won´t be hurting anything by not turning it off when the oil´s out?
I'm not familiar with how the non-water diffusers work.. is this meant to run all night? Will it turn off automatically or is there any type of timer setting?
Does this use a large quantity of essential oil? In other words, does it use up the bottle of oil quickly?

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