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Beeyoutiful Balance™ - 2 oz.

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Beeyoutiful Balance™ - 2 oz.
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Beeyoutiful Balance™ progesterone cream is specially formulated to help women's bodies achieve hormonal balance. It is rubbed into the skin, absorbs into the fat, and then into the bloodstream with almost complete absorption, as opposed to oral doses of progesterone which filter through the liver. Beeyoutiful Balance is made with luxurious skin-nourishing jojoba oil, expeller pressed avocado oil, and coconut oil. It is lightly scented with refreshing sweet orange essential oil.

Beeyoutiful® Balance™-Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream - 2 oz.

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Hi, I want to know if this is safe to use while nursing? I gave birth 4 months ago and still feel very imbalanced.
I want to use the cream for my hormonal acne, due to very low progesterone from stopping the pill. Can I apply the cream continuously or do I need to stick to the recommened schedule (starting on day 12 -pausing day 26?)
Can i continue using it if i get pregnant?
I am not peri-menopausal. I use this cream because it has helped my insomnia when nothing else has. Do I still need to stop taking it when I am mentstruating? I'm having a hard time finding this answer online. I'm wondering why I need to stop it when my period comes, because when I don't use it, I have major sleep issues.
I just realized that I bought this in August though didn't start using it until late fall of 2016. So it's almost a year old now. Should I just throw it away since the recommendation is to use within six months?
I was using this product to help regulate my cycles (I have PCOS tendencies and long cycles) end of last year and some beginning this year. I remember getting more zits and the like when using this product. I wasn't using it precisely (meaning not measuring any amoutn, just a little bit with on tip of my finger). I was also using it a bit later then recommend, around day 16-20 of cycle b/c of my longer cycle. I quite using it since moving cross-country but thought of starting it up again to help regulate the cycles and see if it helps hormonally etc. Should I be dosing less? What actual tool can I use and how much should I dose per day? a 1/8 teaspoon? less?
I am 65 years old and have been taking testosterone for years either by pellet, gel or injections. The last couple of years it has been either gel or injections (low dose) and my face breaks out terribly. I have been reading up on this and I read that progesterone could balance out the testosterone and prevent the breakouts. My question is what dosage would be right for my age and situation?
With PCOS and irregular periods being the main concern would this be a good product to use. Was put on birth control and it is effecting me emotionally!
I am 51 post menopausal...having anxiety, sleep problems, headaches...progesterone is low .3 on lab...will this help?
The general use guidelines suggest using the cream until day 26 or 27. I have short cycles that can be anywhere from 19 to 24 days. When would you suggest I stop using the cream each cycle?
I am using this cream to help get pregnant?
Do I still use it on my 12th day of my cycle and stop the 26th day of my cycle? Or do I need to use it differently?
Do you know when it will be in stock? Can I go ahead and order it so that I get it as soon as it is in stock?
How would you suggest usage to someone who does not have a period?
I currently have a Mirena IUD. Can I use the cream immediately or should I wait until it comes out the end of this year?
Would this help with luteal phase spotting? I spot for about 6-7 days and then my period comes. We have been ttc for over a year and my cycle has been like this the entire time.
Is there estrogen in this product? I'm on blood thinners for a blood-clotting factor and was told by my doctor to only use progesterone creams that are free of synthetic estrogens.

I've been using it for a week now and woke up with terrible cramps and spotting. Is this normal? It's too soon for a period. Should I stop and see if period comes or use it 2 full weeks than wait for a period. I'm PCOS and TTC.
Will this product work for someone who has had a total hysterectomy 10 years ago? I have been taking premarin for 10 years and over the last 2 years have been reducing the dosage and now completely off. But, I am now experiencing hot flashes and I'm trying to find a product to help. Or do you suggest one of your other products or none?
I am 46. I get my period sometimes every two weeks. I have weight gain, pms.. Etc. how do I use this cream? And what other supplements/oils do you recommend ? Thanks so much.
I just purchased this cream for hormone issues. I saw on the directions that it says use on the 12th day and stop on or around the 26th day. Does this mean every month I start on the 12th day and use until 26th day? Thank you!
How should the cream be stored and what is the shelf life?

How much progesterone per oz does this cream have? Any other ingredients other than listed on the page?

Thank you.
You have responded to a previous question I had- thank you. I do have a follow up question... I have ordered beeyoutiful balance and expect it any day. How should I take the product if I have recently had a miscarriage( like less than 2 weeks ago) ? Do I need to wait until I officially have another period? Or can I start now, and if so, what would be the protocol for that... Thanks.
I have read it can be best to apply the cream in the vaginal area to best mimic the way the body uses it. Is your cream safe to do this with? Thank you for your time!
I am post-menopause (50 in a few weeks) Hair thinning, water retention, can't lose weight. explain the 4-7 day method. Is it 3 consecutive weeks followed by one off or is it 4 consecutive days 3 off? Or is it every other day each week?

Thank you in advance.

Is the cream safe to take while lactating in hopes of increasing supply and aiding to reduce symptoms of low progesterone?
Is this product safe for teenagers? I was thinking of trying it for my 13 and 15 year old daughters to help with cramping and moodiness. I am starting both of them on SuperMom also. Thanks for your help.

I was wondering if this cream has any effect on weight gained due to low progesterone? Has there been any feedback from customers that have lost weight along with other benefits?
Is it safe to use this cream with Vitex supplements?
I am a few weeks pregnant. I have always had a history of headaches. In the last couple of days they are getting worse and I'm sure its due to the surge of hormones in me right now and am wondering if the progesterone cream is a good and safe option for me to use during pregnancy?
Hi, I've been looking to take a progesterone product that does not involve pills. I'm currently taking clomid and dexamethasone because my androgen levels came a little high and that's what's preventing me from getting pregnant we think. Also when I did my day 21 bloodwork it showed low progesterone which suggests no ovulation or not enough progesterone to sustain a pregnancy. However my doctor did not say anything about the low P since he believes clomid alone will do the work. Will it help to take a progesterone cream after ovulation? I just ordered this cream after my friend who kept having misscarriages told me that she got pregnant after the doctor gave her prometeium because low P was causing her to misscarry. How often should I use the cream in this case?

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