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Bee Points Reward Program


What are Bee Points? Do I have any? 
How can I spend my Bee Points?   
How can I earn more points?  
How to use the Referral System  
Can I share my points?



Check out this short video to see just how easy it is to earn free products with Bee Points!

We’ve got a pretty nifty system set up that gives you rewards for placing orders (either by phone or online) and also for all the little, helpful things you do on our website. We call the rewards Bee Points, and they can be redeemed for discounts on all orders! 

To view your points balance or apply the discounts to an order, first make sure that you have logged into using your email address and password.

What are Bee Points? Do I have any?

One Bee Point is worth one cent. So 100 points are worth $1, 1,000 are worth $10, and so forth. You can see your current balance of Bee Points in the upper left corner of the page (if you haven’t signed into your account yet, that area will be blank).



You can also view your points balance by clicking My Account at the top of the page. You’ll see your Points Summary with your balance and the expiration date. Bee Points expire a little over a year from the time they are earned, so you have plenty of time to redeem your discounts. You have the option to receive an e-mail every month with your points balance summary; just visit the Points & Rewards section of your account to
enable it.


How can I spend my Bee Points?

It’s really easy to apply your Bee Points to an order! Here’s how to redeem your discounts.

Log into and do your shopping. When you are ready to place your order, navigate to the Shopping Cart page.


Look just below the list of items in your shopping cart for the slider labeled “Spend Your Points”. Move the slider to the amount of Bee Points you want to spend. If you’d like to use them all, check “Maximize my discount” and the slider adjust to give you the largest possible discount, up to $20 per retail order.


Now that your discounts have been calculated and the order total adjusted, you can proceed through the checkout and payment process.

How can I earn more points?

It’s pretty simple. You earn points for doing normal things that you already do as our customer! Just be sure that you are logged in when leaving reviews, sharing something on Facebook, etc. so that points can be applied directly to your account.


 - Having a birthday can earn you 600 points (free shipping, yay!). Be sure to enter your birth date in your account profile so we can put 600 points in your account on that day. 

 - Making a purchase earns you 5 points for each $1 spent.

 - Review a product to earn 300 points. Navigate to a product page for a Beeyoutiful item you’ve used and click “Review a product”. Then tell us how you liked it! Once your review is approved (within approximately 48 hours), 300 points will be credited to your account. Reviews help us communicate the value of our products to other people, so help us out here!


 - Like a page on Facebook for 10 points. Facebook buttons appear on many pages throughout our website. Click the “Like” button and then a brief description of the page will appear in your Facebook feed for all of your friends to see. This helps us get the word out and we want to reward you for helping! (Be sure to log in to both Beeyoutiful and Facebook prior to “liking” to ensure that you get your points! There is a daily limit of two “Likes”.)

How to use the Referral System

Log into your account at Navigate to My Account > My Referrals. Here you will see Your Referral URL which you can copy and paste to send to friends or post on your blog. There are also buttons to quickly share it via Twitter and Facebook. Your friends can click this link, create an account, place an order, and everybody earns points! 


Below the social media sharing buttons are also your Referral Code, and your Referral Email address. These are just a couple more ways friends can connect with you when setting up an account Your friends can enter this code OR email address when CREATING their account. BE SURE that your friends either click your referral link or enter this information when creating their new account so that you get the benefit of their orders, as we are unable to apply referral information after the fact!

Alternatively, your friends can use your referral code at the time of checkout to earn you referral points. This function exists for those who have already created an account without using a friends referral code, but still want to earn their friend referral points.

Whenever a friend that you refer places an order, you will earn 20% of the points that THEY earned on their purchase. That’s a huge bonus!

Can I share my points?

You might expect us to say no, but, in fact, the answer is YES! You can transfer points to any other person who has an account on To do so, call us at 1-877-623-3968 and we will be happy to transfer points from your account to another customer account.

Beeyoutiful® reserves the right to enforce the Bee Points Abuse Policy at any time. Following the rules outlined here will ensure on-going points earning for everyone. 


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