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The ABC Herbal Book

The ABC Herbal Book

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Author: Steven H. Horne
ISBN: 1-885653-04-2
Paperback: 71 pages
Publisher: Whitman Books, Inc.

The Back Cover

A Simplified Guide to Natural Health Care for Children.

As a father and parent himself, Steven Horne has focused over twenty years experience as an herbalist to bring you The ABC Herbal, a “common sense” approach to natural health care for your kids.

Addressing a host of common childhood ailments in this easy-to-read little book, Steven will share the same “tried and true” herbal home remedies he used with his own children.

You will learn simple methods to make and apply your own herbal preparations your family will enjoy taking.

The ABC Herbal is an invaluable resource for all parents concerned with the health and well being of their children.


In recent years, many people have returned to relying on herbal home remedies. Numerous books are appearing on the subject. These remedies are commonly referred to as “alternative” health care. This is because most people with health problems go to a licensed, medical doctor first. Then, if they are unable to find relief through this “orthodox” source, they turn to an herbalist, naturopath or massage therapist as an “alternative.” Often this is done out of desperation or frustration rather than informed choice.

In our family, nutrition, herbs and massage are our primary means of health care. We try these simple, natural means first. We find they are especially effective when applied in early stages of disease. Why use the “big guns” of modern crisis medical care on a minor sniffle of a low-grade fever? If the problem is persistent or life threatening, then of course we need this high-powered professional help. We will seek it, too. But we will not waste our money nor the doctor’s time and energy on common ailments, which we can safely and effectively treat at home. So in our case, “orthodox” modern medicine is the “alternative.” Home remedies are our primary form of health care.

This is the way it was for most of our grandparents and great-grandparents. People use to have their family remedies for common health problems. Unfortunately, this knowledge is largely lost. Many modern parents run their children to the doctor for every minor ailment. Even some doctors realize that this is not good. The family physician we visited when I was a young boy once remarked to my mother, “I don’t know why people don’t try any home remedies anymore. I’ve been to see people when I was sicker than they were.”

Those who use herbs and other home remedies on themselves are often afraid to treat their own young children. This is partly because parents to day lack the “common sense” understanding of things their great-grandparents had. They may be afraid their treatment won’t be effective enough and the child may be harmed as a result. They may even fear criminal prosecution by the state should their treatment fail. This is compounded by the fact that most herb books are written primarily for adult problems. There are almost no herb books geared toward herbal remedies for young children.

My wife and I can empathize with these concerns, because we had them when we started taking responsibility for the health care of our own children. However, we are glad that we made the decision to become the primary health care providers for our children. We have been greatly blessed as a result. Our home remedies have proven to be MORE EFFECTIVE than the treatments offered by orthodox medicine for the same complaints.

For example, we can honestly tell you that we have seen sore throats, fevers and earaches gone within a few hours. We’ve settled stomachs, relieved headaches and taken the pain out of injuries in minutes. Colds and respiratory congestion are usually gone in 24 to 48 hours. In fact, as of this writing, we have four children, and in twelve years, we have only had to take a child to a medical doctor for treatment twice. The first time was nearly eleven years ago when our oldest daughter was one year old. That was before we learned most of the principles taught in this book. Today, we could easily handle the same complaint at home. More recently, one of our boys fell and hurt his neck and we took him to the doctor for x-rays, just to make certain nothing was seriously damaged. We do occasionally take our children to a chiropractor for an adjustment, but other than that we haven’t had the need for doctors of any kind.

In contrast, we’ve listen to many parents tell us about fevers and earaches that lasted for days. We know families where the children are constantly battling colds, respiratory congestion, and infections. These families are taking their children to medical doctors for treatment on a regular basis and complying with their instructions. Generally, the doctors give the children antibiotics. The children then develop thrush (yeast infection), which weakens their immune system. Each time they are taken off the antibiotics, they wind up with some other infections, often worse than the one they just “recovered” from. After constant battles with earaches, the children wind up getting tubes in their ears. We’ve seen eighteen-month-old babies with severe urinary tract infections and pneumonia after ten rounds of antibiotics.

Something is not right here, Compared to ours, these “doctored” children look pasty and pale. Their eyes are not as bright. They are more emotionally stressed. Often they are petrified of strangers because of their experiences with drugs and hospitals. Often the parents feel that something is wrong, but they are afraid to try anything else. If the “big guns” of modern medicine have been unable to help their children, what chance could dietary changes or herbs do? When they try some of our home remedies out of exasperations, they are usually impressed with the rapid, dependable results they obtain.

So, our success is not due simply to the fact that we have been blessed with healthy children. We have been blessed, of course. We acknowledge that our children have been spared thus far from any broken bones or serious lacerations that would definitely require medical care. However, the greater blessing is that we have been given the knowledge we needed to handle the problems on our own, simply and effectively.

We want you to know that we are not fanatical about avoiding doctors. We know that modern medicine is wonderful and necessary for certain serious and life-threatening situations. However, this does not mean we have to discard all the knowledge of the past. Many of the home remedies of the past were and still are tremendously effective.

We must issue you a very important caution, however. We have taken responsibility for the health care of our children. However, we cannot and will not assume the responsibility for the health care of your children. God entrusted our children to us and He entrusted your children to you. So, if you’re not willing and able to make intelligent, informed decisions about what you can reasonably handle and what require professional assistance, don’t even try. This book is not intended to replace professional assistance. It is only our way of sharing the knowledge that has richly blessed our family with your family.

The purpose of this book is strictly educational. We can only share our knowledge and experiences with you. If you decide to try any of the remedies in this book on your children, then you must realize that you (not we) are taking the responsibility for those decisions. You must exercise your own common sense and realize when a situation is beyond your ability to treat. In those circumstances, you should promptly seek appropriate medical attention. We would also suggest that you seek professional help if ailments don’t respond to your home remedies in a reasonable amount of time.

We don’t want to discourage you from trying, but we do want you to know that every course of action involves some risk. Even taking your child to a doctor involves some risk. It is up to you to weigh the risk and decide what is best for your family. We want to reassure you that it is not difficult to learn to take care of most ailments. In fact, even doctors estimate that we would recover from 70-80% of most ailments if we just rested in bed and drank plenty of fluids. So why not experiment with home remedies for these non-life-threatening illnesses? We are certain you will discover, as we have, that God created the herbs and foods our bodies need to heal themselves. He also made their use simple enough that any person of average intelligence can learn to use them effectively.

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