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Personal Diffuser Necklace 30mm- Rose Gold Tree

Personal Diffuser Necklace 30mm- Rose Gold Tree

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These gorgeous necklaces take essential oil use to a whole new and wonderful level! Aromatherapy necklaces are absolutely fantastic when you want to experience the benefits of your favorite oil or blend of oils on the go. Each unique, statement locket holds a piece of wool. All you have to do is apply a drop or two of neat (undiluted) essential oil of your choosing onto it, snap the locket closed and go along with your day. This allows the gentle aromatherapy support to be available to you no matter what the day may bring.

As hours go by you may notice the aroma fading and may have to lift the locket to sniff it directly as needed. Additional drops can be added to restore the full aroma benefits. Extra wool pads can be kept in small ziplock bags carried in a purse primed and ready for use if you like to swap up what you use throughout the day based on specific needs.

The swatches of wool pads can be swapped out if you wish to change to another oil or can simply be removed if you would like to continue to wear the necklace but don't need aromatherapy support. If residue of one oil remains in the locket it can be hand washed in warm soapy water and thoroughly dried.

As always when using essential oils in public places and spaces, please be considerate of those around you. Some individuals are highly sensitive to all scents, even the most natural, others may have reactions to specific types of oils. If you find yourself in a situation where it is problematic to use the oil or blend in the locket, simply remove the wool pad as described above.

Water Lily Locket: 1" Stainless steel bronzed locket on 12" metal chain with 1.5" adjustable length clasp. Additional beautiful details in hearts cut along the sides of the locket. Locket must be removed from chain to swap out wool pad. Pink wool pad included.

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