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Euro-Dropper Orifice Reducers - 1 mm (Medium Large)

Euro-Dropper Orifice Reducers - 1 mm (Medium Large)

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We have had several requests to have different options of orifice reducers (the little clear plastic seals with small openings in the middle at the top of essential oil bottles that allow the oil to drip instead of pour out). 

Some oils benefit from a more narrow opening that will help slow the rate down of your thinnest oils such as Thyme or Rosemary, while others like Myrrh are viscous and it is nice to have the widest opening available to allow the drops to flow more freely. 

Beeyoutiful now carries four different sizes ranging from Narrow (drips the slowest), Medium, Medium Large and Large (flows the fastest!). Selecting a Small orifice will give you the slowest drip rate and the most control over the drips. The Large will give you the quickest drip rate which may be most helpful to use when refilling diffusers or transferring a significant amount of oil from one container to another. 

This product is the Medium Large Orifice Reducer and its large 1.0 mm opening will give you a fast drip rate.

If you would like to re-use an orifice reducer and move it from one variety of essential oil to another, a thorough cleaning is necessary first. Rinse and scrub thoroughly under warm running water to remove most of the oil residue. Soak in hot soapy water for several minutes before rinsing throughly. As a final step that's especially helpful for any very viscous oils that might leave a very stubborn residue, rub thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. Or, simply place in a small items basket and run through a dishwasher cycle. 

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