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Oregano Leaf C/S Organic - 0.5 lb

Oregano Leaf C/S Organic - 0.5 lb

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Oregano has a valued history in both medicinal herbal lore as well as in culinary history, as documented in ancient texts. In Greek, Oregano means "Mountain of Joy". After the Greeks were conquered by the Romans, Oregano quickly became part of Roman culture and was subsequently transported and introduced to Europe, the Middle East ,and then on to China, where it was used exclusively for medical purposes.

Even in culinary applications, Oregano's active properties are beneficial to the body in several key ways. Some components have been documented to have anti-inflammatory properties, others compounds fight infection, and still others are beneficial for general immune health.

While many of us may associate Oregano's warm and spicy smell as synonymous with Italian cuisine, it fits in well with a wide variety of flavor profiles and savory dishes. Other spices that go well with Oregano are garlic, parsley, sage, thyme, pepper, basil, and onions.

Due to our sourcing methods, Beeyoutiful's Oregano is noticeably more fresh and vibrant smelling than what can be had from a typical grocery store shelf. This makes it ideal to use in both health supporting applications as well as culinary uses.

Oregano Oil Infusion

1 cup Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/3 cup Dried Oregano

Put both the oil and oregano into an appropriately sized jar. Shake well. Keep on a windowsill near direct sunlight. Shake once or twice a day for up to three weeks. Strain through a fine mesh strainer to remove the oregano pieces. The oil can be used externally or internally as needed. It makes a delicious addition to homemade Italian salad dressing!

Pregnancy/Lactation: Oregano is generally considered safe for pregnancy and lactation when used in culinary amounts, but we suggest that you speak with your healthcare practitioner or herbalist prior to starting any new herb or using in more than general culinary amounts.

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