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Immuni-T: Respiratory Support - Rollerball Kids Blend - 10 ml

Immuni-T: Respiratory Support - Rollerball Kids Blend - 10 ml

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When the germies invade, fight back with Immuni-T Rollerball! Nourishing and supporting our childrens' bodies and thus encouraging vitality and health is our number one goal as parents. But we know that during times of stress, long days (and equally long nights!), or times when our kids aren't getting optimal nutrition, sometimes the monsters we face require a big sword. Ready-to-use Immuni-T Rollerball to the rescue!

The delightful smell of this kid-appropriate blend is soothing to the respiratory system and helps support the body when it's under attack. Each oil is carefully selected and prediluted in a carrier oil to support and boost the immune system, while aiding the body to soothe the symptoms that come with an illness. The power-packed yet gentle oils create kid-friendly aromas, making Immuni-T Rollerball an unforgettable and unique aromatherapy experience.

All the essential oils contained in the Immuni-T Rollerball are pre-diluted in Organic Jojoba Oil to make use as easy and kid-friendly as possible.

Need an option for diffusing? Try the undiluted blend here.

Tangerine Essential Oil (Citrus reticulata Blanco) - Has properties that assist the body in stimulating the lymphatic and immune systems. Plus, it smells so nice!

Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus limon) - Aids and soothes the respiratory and immune systems, while uplifting the body and encouraging health.

Orange Essential Oil (Citrus sinensis) - Helps to stimulate the immune system, while blending well with the other oils to provide a pleasant aroma.

Marjoram Essential Oil (Origanum majorana) A delicate sweetness is in its scent anchored with earthy notes it is a fantastic support to the respiratory system, particularly in times of illness.

Cedarwood Essential Oil (cedrus atlantica) - This woodsy and lyrically soothing oil helps the body to relax and rest, while directly supporting the respiratory system.

Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia frerana) - Matching well with the other oils in the blend, Frankincense lends support to the respiratory and immune systems. This ancient remedy provides warm undertones to the blend.

Chamomile Essential Oil (Chamaemelum Nobile) - Known as one of the gentlest, yet most soothing of essential oils. Extremely safe for all ages and helps to boost immunity while soothing the respiratory system.

Dill Essential Oil (Anethum graveolens) - Supports and aids the digestive system, and also helpful to aid the body during bouts of sinus pain and pressure. An unusually pungent herbal aroma that plays very well in this blend.

Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) - Known throughout the world for its benefits to the immune system. Tea Tree lends its powers to this blend to help strengthen and support your little one's immune system.

Spearmint Essential Oil (Mentha spicata) - Another oil known for digestive support, but its benefits to supporting the body during feverish illnesses are amazing. It supports the body while under attack, supporting the fever and helping to aid the body while fighting the mucus monster!

Manuka Essential Oil (Leptospermum scoparium) - Chasing the mucus monster is this secret weapon! Also, its germ-slaying powers make it optimal for helping support the body while under attack from the germies.

Ho Wood Essential Oil (Cinnamomum camphora) - With a delicate yet grounded aroma that is woody, camphorous and subtly floral at once, Ho Wood is excellent for encouraging a harmonious environment and supporting deep relaxation.

Note for the Undiluted Blend: This is an undiluted product and should only be used topically if diluted. Please dilute with a ratio of 1-2 drop to 1 teaspoon of carrier oil. Although considered a kid-friendly blend, we do suggest that you use caution with all essential oils and your child. Please discontinue use if you have any concerns.

Note for Rollerball: This is a pre-diluted essential oil blend with 3% essential oil content to 97% carrier oil, using oils that are generally considered kid-friendly for children 5 years and older. Please check for potential reaction to any of the ingredients in this blend by applying it to a very small area of each individual; watch for possible redness, itching, or irritation to appear, even after a couple of hours. After sensitivity has been checked, apply as often as needed.

If using on a child between the ages of 2-5, we suggest further dilution to avoid sensitization and reaction risks. Please do not use with children 2 and under without the express instruction of a certified Aromatherapist. Please consult appropriate care providers for a treatment plan if your child is exhibiting signs and symptoms of illness. NOT intended for oral consumption. Keep out of reach of children. Do not apply on or near the eyes, nose or mouth.

Suggested Use
  • Apply on the bottom of feet, down the spine and neck.

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