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Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Powder 1lb

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Powder 1lb

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Taking a few tablespoons of Diatomaceous Earth (food grade!) has been associated with:

  • Improvement in blood pressure and cholesterol. Countless amazed customers have written to tell us how, after no more than a few weeks of drinking Diatomaceous Earth, they were able to reduce and eventually get off of their cholesterol and blood pressure medications. If you've struggled with either of these, speak with your healthcare provider about the possibility of adding Diatomaceous Earth to your daily routine.
  • Detoxifying the colon. Studies show that most of us are lugging around pathogenic freeloaders and toxins in our guts. Evicting some of those opportunistic tenants is as simple as drinking some Diatomaceous Earth everyday.
  • Stronger hair and tougher nails. If you are plagued with thin and weak nails or dull and brittle hair, food grade Diatomaceous Earth may be able to change that for you. In fact, after a few short weeks of consuming food grade Diatomaceous Earth daily, our customers say they see a noticeable difference in stronger and shinier hair and nails.

About our food grade Diatomaceous Earth:

This is the good stuff. MTA's fossil shell flour is not only from fresh water but also food grade, a must for safe use on humans, animals, and gardens. It's not to be confused with the DE used in pool filters or to fight insects commonly sold at hardware and feed stores.

Our DE contains 84% Silica, the most abundant trace mineral on earth and in our bodies. Healthy individuals walk around with more Silica in their bodies than any other mineral. It's involved in endless body functions and is critical to proper mineral absorption (no wonder it's so vital to overall good health).

Suggested Amounts:

A tablespoon stirred into your liquid of choice up to a couple times per day is suitable for most adults. However, consider starting with just one teaspoon per day and gradually increasing from there to avoid undesirable detox and die-off symptoms as toxins make their way out of your body. There's no need to "avoid taking it with meals and supplements because the DE might soak up some nutrients". That applies to our very absorbent Bentonite Clay and Activated Charcoal, but DE is a supplement in its own right, and can be consumed with meals and other supplements. Just be sure to increase your intake of liquids to go along with any supplementing of Diatomaceous Earth.

Mined and Manufactured in the USA

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