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Cloves Organic - 0.5 lb

Cloves Organic - 0.5 lb

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Cloves are a perfect breath freshener because of special properties that combat bad bacteria, leaving the mouth clean tasting and smelling. Its main component, Eugenol, is a powerful multifaceted phytochemical that has wonderfully numbing effects (useful for aches and pains in the mouth!) and also inhibits intestinal parasites, bacteria, and fungi. Cloves were used historically to increase blood circulation, aid digestion, and as antiseptic and antimicrobial agents.

These are not like the Cloves you may find on a spice rack in a supermarket. Beeyoutiful's source is much fresher and therefore more effective for thereapeutic purposes. For culinary use, the flavor can also be more robust than what you may be used to. Cloves are both a food and spice herb. Thus, we keep it in the kitchen with our other food ingredients.

Around the holidays, we like to use whole cloves in a fun and practical way. The shape of the dried whole cloves lend themselves to being used in a decorative function when pressed into whole, organic oranges. Various patterns can be created using cloves and these decorated oranges make gorgeous and aromatic centerpieces during the holiday season. After they have served their time as both air freshener and aesthetic beauty, the oranges can be peeled with a knife, and eaten, but don't throw the cloves and orange peels away! They can be put in the freezer and pulled out and added to homemade spiced apple cider as needed all through winter, adding not only an amazing flavor but also imparting health supporting benefits at the same time.

Pregnancy/Lactation: Clove is generally considered safe for pregnancy and lactation, but we suggest that you speak with your healthcare practitioner or herbalist prior to starting any new herb.

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