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Child Resistant Essential Oil Caps

Child Resistant Essential Oil Caps

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While the safest way to store essential oils is to keep them locked in a cool, dark place and well out of reach of little hands, there are times - like when you have multiple family members feeling ill, or are helping to soothe an injury-  when it is more practical to have essential oil bottles handy for mixing up remedies or replenishing diffusers. Safety with essential oils is a huge concern in houses with young children since many undiluted oils can cause skin sensitivity or irritation, and some contain active properties that can cause serious internal damage and even death if ingested. 

That is where Child Resistant Caps for Essential Oils come in as the must-have accessory for those of us who use essential oils around children. Use these child-resistant caps to replace the existing caps on your essential oil bottles for an additional safeguard that can give you a little more peace of mind. Please know that no child resistant cap is fully child proof, but these are designed to decrease the likelihood that small children can open the caps on your powerful essential oils.

One of our goals at Beeyoutiful is to help facilitate a family's ability to use essential oils safely, thus ensuring years of benefits from these powerful tools. Child Resistant Caps can make a big difference in keeping little ones safe and we encourage every family with children to consider investing in these safeguards for your essential oil collection. 

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