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Belly Balance - 120 capsules

Belly Balance - 120 capsules

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The heart and soul of the digestive tract is an unsung hero known as hydrochloric acid (HCl). From digesting proteins to neutralizing pathogens, hydrochloric acid is crucial to your digestive health. When we are young, we typically have a great supply of HCl with our bodies making between 3 and 4 quarts per day. When you are making adequate amounts of HCl, you typically can digest most foods without experiencing symptoms of poor digestion or acid reflux.

As the body’s systems begin to wear down and systems are taxed, the amount of HCl produced decreases, leading to a plethora of digestive disturbances, particularly with harder to digest or high inflammation foods: gas, belching, acid reflux and even symptoms of malnutrition begin to show up. Often for individuals who struggle with lower than ideal amounts of HCl, after a meal they will begin to experience what seems to be an acidic or sour stomach. Typically we reach for an antacid, buying temporary relief of symptoms but exacerbating the underlying problem that caused the symptoms. In situations of insufficient HCl, the food that is improperly digesting begins to rot and disintegrate, releasing properties that begin to burn and inflame the stomach. This damages the stomach and esophagus causing even more problems.

Many people raised in industrialized countries with highly processed foods, eating inadequate amounts of raw and fermented vegetables struggle to some degree with insufficient HCl. Some experts believe as many as 80% of adults in industrialized countries deal with less than optimal HCl levels, thus explaining why we purchase more over the counter antacids than any other society. Beeyoutiful®'s Belly Balance™ is designed to help bridge this gap between the levels our bodies are able to produce and the levels necessary to have optimal digestion.

While many nutrients play a role in creating HCl, zinc is the most important. Because you need zinc to make HCl, and you need HCl to absorb dietary zinc from your food, it is easy to upset this delicate balance and find yourself in the vicious cycle of poor digestion. Zinc plays a key role in supporting immunity and helping the body heal cuts. Poor wound healing and white spots on the fingernails point strongly to a zinc deficiency. We highly recommend supplementing Belly Balance™ with Beeyoutiful®'s Bio Zinc™ for optimal results.

For more information on how Bio Zinc™ and Belly Balance™ work together, please read: Building Blocks for Healthier You

Basic Steps to Improve Your Digestion:

1. Chew your food well. Chewing each bite 20-30 times breaks down your food well before it arrives in the stomach, saturates your food with saliva (which has enzymes that break down your food) and alerts your digestive system that ‘food is on the way.’

2. Limit water at meals. Getting adequate water each day is necessary for health, but catching up on hydration at mealtime dilutes your stomach acid and burdens digestion. Drink enough water to stay comfortable during meals (and to take your supplements), but put the majority of your water consumption at least 30 minutes prior to or 60 minutes after meals.

3. Relax, practice gratefulness, and think about eating. Relaxing and focusing on your food doesn't seem like it would matter for digestion, but it does. Encourage your body to enter a relaxed, parasympathetic state while you eat. Savor your food and try to spend at least 15 minutes (more is great!) relaxed and enjoying every meal.

4. Supplement with HCl with pepsin (an enzyme) in conjunction with zinc, probiotics and digestive enzymes (particularly one that contains ox bile)

To read more regarding Belly Balance™- Digestion: the Building Blocks to a Healthier You

Manufactured in the USA.

FDA Disclaimer: * This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Suggested Use
  • As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule just before each meal. Consider taking with Digestive Enzyme or Digest Best. *Do not take on an empty stomach.

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5 of 5 Worth it! June 13, 2016
Reviewer: Morgan  
Belly Balance has completely resolved my husband's acid reflux. He takes it before every meal and firmly believes it also significantly impacts his elimination for the better!!

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5 of 5 thumbs up November 2, 2015
Reviewer: CRT  
this product really helps my husband with his digestion and belching problems!

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5 of 5 digest well September 19, 2015
Reviewer: Elizabeth  
no one has reviewed this product yet? what?
this is an approved supplement by my nutritionist for assisting digestion! i'm so glad that it helps me function better and be less gassy. nothing anyone wants to talk about, but hey, if you need help digesting, let's get the right pill, eh?

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