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First, you will need a BeeyoutifulSkin Foundation Sample Set. They can be purchased here for $15, shipping is free!

After purchase, you will receive a coupon that will give you $10 off plus Free Shipping that can be applied to any full size foundation shade purchase. We guarantee a perfect match or your money back :)

There are three sets to choose from - Light, Medium or Dark. Our Light set starts with our lightest shades, for those with beautiful porcelain skin, and slowly darkens over 8 different samples. The Medium set picks up where the Light set ends, containing shades for those with more tan shades. Last but not least, the Dark set contains shades that match the most tan shades and gorgeous ebony shades of skin.

See the graph below to help illustrate which shades are in each set.

Follow Along!

Watch as Jessica matches a foundation sample kit to her skin for the first time!

We’re so glad to see that you’ve bought a set of BeeyoutifulSkin Foundation Samples! We have put a lot of thought and effort into structuring our foundation sets to be as comprehensive as possible so you can find your perfect match. We start by carrying over 24 individual blends of foundation shades, many customized to complement even the most unique skin tones on both ends of the color spectrum.

Please take the time to read this thoroughly, particularly the step by step instructions on how to find your perfect shade.
We’ve divided our diverse foundations into three broad categories: Light, Medium, and Dark. The reason we include so many samples in each category is to make sure you have access to every shade in your range that might offer the best match. A foundation that just works isn’t good enough for for us; we want you to find the match that is perfect.

Each set contains a minimum of 8 foundation shades. It also includes a high-quality brush (normally $7) to use in the application process. There is also a $10 off + Free Shipping coupon for you to use towards the first full sized purchase of your perfect foundation shade! You should also have a BeeyoutifulSkin Catalog.

It can be overwhelming attempting to narrow down which shade out of the 8 or so is the perfect one! It is helpful to set aside 10 to 15 minutes to go through the matching process.

What you will need:

1. Moist washcloth (to wipe off samples)
2. Large plate Paper towels or another dry washcloth
3. Your favorite moisturizer (We recommend Laveshmint!)
4. Mirror
5. Some means of taking notes (old-fashioned pencil and paper, or a laptop, smartphone, or tablet!)
6. Your BeeyoutifulSkin Sample Set with brush and BeeyoutifulSkin Catalog

Step 1: Organize and Compare

Start with a clean, moisturized face. Grab your mirror and head to a place that has a good source of natural light. Light bulbs often throw a tint or a cast over the skin and, usually, matches made in bathroom light show up as a little ‘off’ when they are seen in daylight.

Hold a few of the sample bags up to your face and pick the four that look like they are the most likely to match your skin; set aside the others for later. Read the descriptions of the foundation colors in the BeeyoutifulSkin catalog and use them to help you narrow down which foundations might be the best to try first.

(For example, if you have strong yellow undertones but cannot tell by viewing the samples through the bag which ones might have the most yellow undertones, the descriptions in the catalog will be very helpful in narrowing those choices down.)

Tap out a very small amount of the foundation onto the plate and place the corresponding bag next to the little pile of powder. This keeps confusion down! Because this foundation has no fillers whatsoever, you’ll be able to use less than other mineral makeups and it goes a whole lot farther. At this point you only need to pour out ¼ or less of the amount in the bag.

Using the brush that comes in your set, brush it through the small pile of foundation. Mentally divide your cheeks into two sections each for four sections total.

Brush each sample into one of the sections, starting at the cheekbone and working down to the jawbone and below. (This will allow you to cover over the biggest areas of variable pigments on the face.) After applying each sample, swish the brush over a clean section of paper towel to keep the residue from one sample shade from tinting the next. Repeat until you have applied four different shades to your face.

Carefully examine your face with all four foundation colors on it. Decide which two are definitely not a match. Set those baggies aside and clean your plate. Wash your face, and remoisturize as needed. It can be helpful to keep notes as you go along. For example “Olivia, matches undertones but is too dark” or “Florie: Too red”.

Since our goal is for you to find your perfect match, it might be helpful to define what that means. You want a shade that melds with your natural skin tone and doesn’t leave your skin ashen or washed out. You also want to avoid shades that are too dark or that put an incorrect cast to your skin (too pink or too golden). A perfect match will be a shade that you can apply (even quite heavily!) on your skin and instead of an obvious contrast with your skin’s natural tones, it will blend in flawlessly once buffed in. You may notice a difference in your skin’s texture, but you should not be able to see a line of color where the bare skin stops and the foundation begins

A few ladies will notice that when they are in between seasons, it can be more difficult to find a perfect foundation shade. For these ladies, it’s ideal if they can find their perfect Winter shade and then their perfect Summer shade. Many BeeyoutifulSkin customers use a mixture of their Summer and Winter shades in varying blends through the Fall and Spring seasons to achieve their flawless match even while their skin is changing shades throughout the year.

Step 2: Compare the Closest Two

Now tap out some of the two colors that came closest to matching. This time, buff it over half of your face, forehead to chin. It may be readily apparent at this point which shade is your perfect match. If so, congratulations!

If one of the shades you have tested out of your original four seems close, but not quite perfect, set it aside and individually test the remaining bags of colors. The appearance of the dry powder within the baggies can be markedly different from the color applied on the skin. It’s not uncommon to find the perfect match from one of the samples that didn’t initially appear to be a good match!

Step 3: Final Testing

Once you have narrowed it down to the shade that seems to be the best match, carefully tap out a sufficient amount to cover the entirety of your face. Wash your face again and apply the rest of the sample to cover your entire face. Sometimes once a foundation is evenly applied over the entire face, it’s much clearer whether you’ve found the perfect match or if it’s still a bit off and time to try another shade.

We want to ensure that you have every opportunity to obtain your perfect match. If your match is not in the foundation sample set you ordered, please contact us and let us know from your notes which two shades came the closest to being the perfect match. Example: “Florie was close but was a little too light.”

We will then work with the feedback you give us to select additional free samples to get you the perfect match. The more specific the feedback you have for us, the better our chances of selecting samples that could be your perfect match.

Thank you for choosing BeeyoutifulSkin. We want to provide the best possible service. Please let us know if there is any way we can assist you.

Stephanie Tallent