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Tummy Tuneup™ Dairy-free Vegan Probiotics for Digestive Health

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Tummy Tuneup™ Dairy-free Vegan Probiotics for Digestive Health

Calm the stomach storms!
Promotes healthy probiotic balance in the intestines.
8 Strains & 4 Billion potency. Dairy free, Vegetarian/Vegan formula
60 Veg Capsules & 120 Veg Capsules options 

Tummy Tuneup™ Dairy-free Vegan Probiotics for Digestive Health

Tummy Tuneup™ - 60 Veg Capsules

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Special Price $16.15

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Tummy Tuneup™ Dairy-free Vegan Probiotics for Digestive Health

Tummy Tuneup™ 120 Veg Capsules

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Product Questions

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Noticing Tummy Tuneup is packaged in glass rather than plastic, I am wondering if it can be put in a plastic container for traveling.
Hello, I see that Tummy Tuneup contains trace amounts of gluten- douou know how many parts per million?

Thank you,
I have read a lot about probiotics and have learned that in order for a probiotic to be effective, it has to be full of LIVE cultures. If this product is room-temperature-safe, does it really contain live cultures?
Does the inclusion of FOS classify this product as a prebiotic as well as a probiotic? Thank you!
I have a 12 year old, she is 224lb and stands 5'8. She has a lot of stomach issues. We went to the specialist today and they want her on 200 billion CFU's per day. They have given me a probiotic for her to take but I would rather her take the tummy tuneups instead. Can I give her the dr prescribed ones as well as a tummy tuneup? Is there a thing as too much probiotic?
Thank you!!
A pharmacist recommended this product to me since my daughter was on antibiotics which kill both good and bad bacteria. She said that I could split the capsule in half and sprinkle the half on my daughter's food. My daughter is 15 months old. Is this product safe for my daughter? If so, is the half capsule dose recommended?
I'm searching for a probiotic for my 18-month old son - would Tummy Tune Up be a good option or do you have any other suggestions? I'm not sure if his weight/height will make a difference, but he's 36 inches tall and weighs 30 lbs so is definitely bigger for his age. Thank you very much!
Are these safe to take while pregnant, especially during the first trimester? I'm battling a horrible yeast infection and these sound like a much better answer than the over the counter drugs that aren't as safe.
How is the shipping of this product handled in the summer? I need a refill but it is still quite hot where I live and I am worried about the heat lessening the effectiveness.
What are the 8 strains of bacteria in this product?
Is this safe to take if you have chrons disease?
How many should i take a day?
Should Tummy Tuneup be refrigerated?
Can you take this daily or only when you are experiencing tummy troubles?
Is this safe for both kids and adults? If so, what is the dosage for adults? What is the dosage for kids that are 5 and 7 yrs old? My kids also take an Immune Booster, Greenz, their Multi Vitamin and Elderberry Syrup daily - do I give them this in ADDITION to the other items, or if not, what item does it replace? Is it safe to mix this with the other vitamins I previously mentioned? (I currently give them something with each meal to break it up).

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