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I am writing this from the porch of a little condo in FL. Our little family is taking our first official vacation in a very long time. Today was our first official day of vacation (yes, I'm cheating to get this over-due newsletter written but I promise I'll get right back to vacationing as soon as it's done!) The Doodlebug loves the zero entry saltwater pools offered at this particular facility. I love the fact that her sensitive skin doesn't break out from head to toe with the mineral/saltwater pools like it does with the traditional chlorine ones.





One of the never-ending challenges we have when we travel either for business or pleasure is the issue of food. We go out of our way to stay in places that offer partial to full kitchens so that we can prepare at least part of our meals there. When there is a natural or organic health food store in a town where we stay it's always enormously helpful. In times past I've packed a cooler bringing some of our own from scratch food from home that simply needs reheating. The cooler takes up a lot of trunk space in our car though and the past few trips we simply haven't had room for it. Some of the things I miss most when we travel are our raw milk and fresh veggies from our local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture farm). Since I am gluten-free due to my thyroid problem and the Doodles has bad reactions to HFCS, food dyes and MSG we aren't able to be nearly as flexible eating out as we once were. Not to mention the fact that a lot of it tastes yucky to us now that our taste buds have gotten so used to fresh, whole ingredients.

Last night we went shopping at the local Supermarket here in the town where we are staying. It was big, nice and new so I had high hopes that it would have a decent representation of 'healthy' food. I was sorely disappointed to find the "health" section consisted of narrow sliver of an aisle where everything marginally healthy-ish from teas to organic cookies were jammed in together. Needless to say the selection was lousy.

Scrounging around the rest of the store we found all natural nitrite, nitrate, preservative, MSG and dye free hot-dogs. In the dairy section amidst the low-fat, no-fat, homogenized and ultra pasteurized white water that passes as milk in most grocery stores I found a container of Vanilla Almond Milk. Although this isn't something we buy at home when we have access to our wonderful whole and healthy raw milk with the limited options available in this store it was the healthiest choice. A few more minutes of searching yielded organic cream on top yogurt, cultured organic butter (since when does a mainstream store with next to no all-natural or organic section carry cultured butter???), some all-natural chips and a few other misc. items. The hot dogs and chips were our lunch today. For supper tonight I had to get a bit creative and came up with a really yummy "Ice CREAM!!" as announced and presented by Noelle. The kitchen where we are staying has a blender provided so I concocted a healthy-ish smoothie-ice cream recipe that came out really well! I've attached the recipe to the bottom of the newsletter if anybody is interested in trying it.



In thinking through what we could do for our customers in this newsletter I asked several of my personal friends who also happen to be Beeyoutiful customers what they would most like to be able to get at a discount this time of year. The answer came back unanimously Berrywell , Tummy Tuneup and Liquid D3 . That made perfect sense to me since there are no better cold weather and impending sickness season supplements than those immune boosting superhero's. Although all of those items are already offered in discounted packages along with other fantastic supplements we decided to make just those three available at significant discount. We are only able to keep this package available for 1 week due to the huge discount HOWEVER there will be no limit on how many of these packages you can buy.

These three items normally cost $46.00 but I talked to Steve and he agreed to let me set up the package with a $10 savings for you, which makes it only $36.00. This savings is the perfect opportunity to stock up on these must haves for winter.
I can only keep this sale package available for one week like I said before so be sure to get it while it's available! Our Staff will not be able to get you the discount if you are "late" on placing the order or "forget" to put the package in the cart and place your order without it. So double check the carts, make sure you have the package in there, the number adjusted if you want more than one before checking out with your order.

Here are the all important dates. This huge savings package will only be available through Thursday October 28th to Thursday Nov. 4th Offer details available here.

Hope you are all healthy and happy as you go through the days of fall. As always please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Grace and Peace,

--Steph (Walker) Tallent


PS If you are wondering what these products are and how they will help you and your family please read the very educational and helpful articles below.

Swine Flu Prevention and Treatment

Our Family Miracle

Rise Up Against Yeast

A Hill Not to Die On


And as promised! Our yummy smoothie-ice cream treat that doubled as tonight's supper!


Travelers Healthy Ice Cream

3 Peeled Bananas in large chunks
1 Peeled Apple cut into large chunks
1 Cup Vanilla Almond Milk
2 six oz. containers Cream on Top Stoneyfield (or other healthy/all natural brand) of Yogurt. Any flavor. I used 1 French Vanilla and 1 Strawberry.
BONUS STUFF (purely optional)
3 capsules Colostrum emptied into smoothie
2 Bee Strong Capsules emptied in
1 Dropper Full D3
3 Capsules Tummy Tune Up emptied into smoothie
3 Drops of Beeyoutiful's Debittered Stevia to make it a bit sweeter if it isn't sweet enough.

Place Fruit chunks on a plate and put in freezer for an hour + until frozen. When the fruit is frozen (or mostly frozen) Pour 1 cup of Almond Milk and yogurt in bottom of blender. Add frozen fruit chunks along with any extra bonus "healthy" items you desire. Blend until a creamy thick consistency. Can add extra Almond milk if needed. Enjoy!



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