Massive Labor Day Sales 2013

Labor Day Sale Details


Starts at Midnight, Monday September 2nd and runs all day Labor day, ending at Midnight on September 3rd  Central Standard Time. No limit to how many items may be purchased at once. Offer good while supplies last. First come, first served! Please keep in mind that we have limited inventory on these items and are unable to honor the sale price or extend rain checks for any orders that are placed for items that we are out of stock on.

I hope you are able to take full advantage of this sale and that the products benefit you and those you love in the coming weeks and months.


--Steph Tallent

** Note: sale prices will not show on the product pages until Sept 1st (12:00 midnight) **


Liquid Cod Liver Oil 7 fl.oz.

If your kids are not taking this already then they should be! Few supplements are more crucial for healthy development on so many fronts than high quality cod liver oil. Beeyoutiful’s Lemon Cod Liver oil is a great value on a normal basis but just for 24 hours we are making it available for the unbelievably good price of $9. I know that some of you cannot afford Cod Liver Oil on a regular basis. This sale is especially for you! As a Mama on a tight budget Cod Liver Oil is one of the supplements I put at the top of the list of “must have” items for our children because the health benefits are so great.


The purity of this liquid cod liver oil is amazing. Cold pressed, it is sourced from Norway with incredibly stringent, multi-step quality control testing performed. It is my go-to for our children and contains those crucial immune boosting vitamins A & D in the perfect ratios to optimally support immune function. It’s perfect as we head into the winter months. The Lemon flavoring helps make it more palatable which makes it a lot easier to get down picky kids. Added to smoothies even our really picky kiddo doesn’t notice it at all! 



Gypsy Cold Care Tea

Even if you aren’t normally a tea drinker. even if herbal tea isn’t your thing. even if your household hardly EVER gets a cold, you should still get this tea. Why? Because when you DO get a cold there is hardly anything you can do that brings as much immediate relief as this tea. Put enough fresh lemon and raw honey in it and even the most ardent of tea avoiders can usually slurp it down before coming back for more because it helped so much. Also? The individually wrapped tea bags keep their potency and last for a very long time. Because of this it’s the perfect thing to get (especially when it’s at a price like this!) and have on hand, just in case, because winter is just around the corner. Even if you and yours don’t end up getting any colds or sniffles (hurrah for hearty immune health if that happens!) you can always gift it to someone you love that might be struck down.


Sweet Almond Oil

If you use or have essential oils at all this is a must have item to go along with it, especially for babies and children. We use it in our family as the base for our homemade massage oils with particular blends formulated for anything from sore muscles to soothing and sleep inducing blends to be used in back rubs for our especially high strung kiddo. It possesses special properties that help whatever is mixed into it to be absorbed more effectively through the skin. For this reason it is a better than average oil to use as a carrier oil and it is even gentle enough to be used on tiny newborn babies. Also, many couples use it for intimate times as a very gentle, natural, and safe lubricant.


Ginger Essential Oil

A little spicy, a lot yummy, and very soothing to the digestive tract! Many claim that diffusing ginger oil can increase energy, help to chase away the blues, and invigorate the body. Added to some of that wonderful Almond Oil as a carrier, ginger oil can help calm inflammation in joints, decrease the soreness in your muscles, stimulate circulation and warm a cold body on a winter’s day. A few drops in a warm bath can stimulate the body’s lymphatic system and chase away lethargy.

Diffusing: When you are feeling worn down, have been exposed to a virus, or have the sniffles, add some Ginger Oil to your diffuser and breathe away. This, like many essential oils, is diverse in the various health issues it supports, and is a valuable addition to anybody’s essential oil collection. This is the price to snag it, restock, or just get a backup bottle!


French Vanilla Stevia

Have you tried French Vanilla Stevia yet? No? Then you should! This little bottle of sweetness packs a big punch of value and flavor that will satisfy even the worst of sweet cravings. I particularly love using it in my coffee. It’s also a fantastic addition to recipes to help cut down the amount of sugar you are using. I’ve had success in cutting the sugar used in some of our favorite desserts by far more than half and making up the difference with this amazing stuff. It’s so much healthier than sugar, and it’s safe for diabetics and young children. If you’ve bought it before this is a great time to restock before you run out.


Laveshmint Daily Moisturizer

To those of you who have ordered this Laveshmint Moisturizer before, I don’t have to tell you how great it is. Few of our skincare products are as loved and appreciated as this one is by women of varying ages and skin types. It’s refreshing, tingly, and lightweight while offering deep moisture at the same time. The container lasts a very long time making it an incredible value for an all natural facial lotion that performs so well. I’ve personally used it for years now. A few months ago I tested some other natural facial lotions to evaluate if any were good enough for us to consider adding them to our line. The goal was to use each of them for at least two weeks to be able to fairly evaluate how they were performing. My poor face developed scaly dry patches with one test batch, oily areas with another and a burning rash with the third. I was so glad to be able to go back to our tried and true Laveshmint Moisturizer! Within a week of using it my skin was back to its normal, problem free self again. If you’ve been on the fence about trying it out, this is a great time to take the plunge. We are not able to put Laveshmint Moisturizer on sale very often so take advantage while you can!


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