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Yeast Assassin

Q. What is the Serving Size?

ADULT: 2 vcaps, twice daily
CHILD: Not under 3 yrs. old as their bodies are still developing. 
3 to 6 yrs — 1/4 dose
7 to 12 yrs — 1/2 dose 
12 and over — full dose
 Q. Can I take this while pregnant or nursing?


No Do not take while pregnant/nursing (Pau D’arco has been used as in an abortificant in significantly large amounts and Black Walnut Hull is known to dry up breast milk.)

Q. What about allergies?


Olive Leaf: The olive leaf that is in our Yeast Assassin is from an extract. Although it is listed in the “other ingredients” section below the main ingredients (less than 0.5 mg per serving), this may be enough to set off an allergy.

Q. Can YA Cancel Probiotics?:


Although they wouldn’t necessarily cancel each other out, any strong antifungal (like garlic, olive leaf extract, oregano oil, etc) has the possibility of working negatively on a probiotic, so that it might not be as effective as it would otherwise be. Because of this, we suggest taking the Yeast Assassin and probiotic at separate times of the day.


Q: Can this be used as a Parasite Cleanse?


  Many of the ingredients used in the Yeast Assassin are also used for cleansing from parasites and it does do a good job of getting rid of many types of parasites. We wouldn’t say that taking the Yeast Assassin is equivalent to a full parasite cleanse, however, as it only covers the basics. There are some “heartier” parasites that would need some of the other anti-parasitic ingredients which we don’t have in our Yeast Assassin as it is primarily for the purpose of cleansing from yeast.

Q. Why Do I Have Abnormal Bleeding?


Pau D’Arco bark can cause some abnormal bleeding, such as slower to clot cuts or nose bleeds. Caution should be used if these are seen, may want to consider stopping or decreasing the dose. Customers taking blood thinning agents need to consult a doctor prior to using because it may increase their bleeding.


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