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Bee Points Reward Program

Overview - How Bee Points Reward program works

It's pretty simple. You earn points for doing normal things that you already do as our customer! You can spend those points to pay for part or all of an order. There is no need to save up a certain amount of points, you can spend points as soon as you get them. 

How do I Earn Points?

Earning points can be as easy as having a birthday. Although judging by the big deal they make about it, maybe that's not so easy for some. But here is a list of the ways you can earn points. Let's start with:


Have a birthday? You just earned FREE SHIPPING!

We'd like to help you celebrate, or if marking another year on the calendar isn't cause for celebrating, then maybe we can give some consolation. Either way, enter your birthdate in your account profile, and we'll put 600 points (this will cover shipping costs on your next order!)  in your account on that day. And we never sell or give away information, so

<whisper> we won't tell anybody how old you really are!

Make a purchase - 5 point for each $1.00 spent

That's 5% OFF - of everything, all the time. How cool is that?

Review a product - 300 points

Click "Review a product" on a product that you've used, tell us how you liked it and it will get submitted for review. Once it is approved (perhaps 48 hours), 300 points will be credited to your account! Reviews help us communicate the value of our products to other people, so help us out here! One review per product.

Email to a Friend - 10 points

Click on the link and a new page will open. Fill out your friend's information. We don't collect this information so they won't end up on some spam list, just receive this one email with your produt recommendation. Make sure that you include a message. 10 points will instantly be applied to your account.

Like a page on Facebook - 25 points

Facebook buttons appear on many pages. Click the "Like" button and a brief description of the page will appear in your Facebook feed for all of your friends to see. This helps us get the word out. If you are not logged into Beeyoutiful, or to Facebook, you will be prompted to login, to ensure that you get your points! There is a daily limit of four "Likes".

Share a product on Facebook - 25 points

Browse to a product you like, click the

Like a page on Facebook - 25 points

Like a page on Facebook - 25 points

Vote in a Weekly Poll - 100 points

We're going to try to get a new poll up weekly to get feedback from you all and opinions on various decisions and opportunities that we have before us.


Send a referral link to a new friend - 10 points.

Friend creates account on - 100 points.

- When a friend you referred places their first order, you will earn 1000 points ($10 value!)

- Whenever a friend that you refer places an order, you will earn 20% of the points that THEY earned on their purchase. (this is huge!)


** How to use the Referral System**

Enter Referral Code Here

Log into your account at, and browse to the tab "My Referrals" in the menu bar on the left side.

Here you will see Your Referral URL which you can copy and paste to send to friends via, email, chat, or even post it on your blog. There are also buttons to quickly share it via Twitter and Facebook. Your friends can click this link, create an account, place an order, and everybody earns points!

Below the social media share buttons you will see Your Referral Code, and Your Referral Email address. Your friends can enter this code OR email address when CREATING their account. This would be useful if you are on the phone with somebody that wants to create an account and place an order RIGHT NOW!!! They just enter your code or email in the final box on the simple Account Creation page, which you can see to the right.

The last thing you will see on this page is a tool that makes it easy to email your referral code to friends. Just enter contact email addresses, with spaces in between.


Bee Points have a value of 1 penny each for redemption on No need to save up. You can use them immediately. When viewing your order on the shopping cart screen, you can apply any amount you have earned to discount the order. There is no actual monetary value. Cannot be redeemed for cash. 

How Do I Use the Points

Before checkout while logged into your account, view your order on the shopping cart screen. Here you will see the Bee Points availalbe for you to use and you can apply any or all of them to your order. You will also see the Bee Points that you will earn for making the order. 


I know you might expect us to say no, but in fact the answer is YES! You can transfer points to any other person having an account on

Browse to "My Account" at the top of the page. Click on "View My Points & Rewards Section" under Points Summary. Here you will see the "Send Points to a Friend" box. Enter the email address they have linked to their Beeyoutiful account, the number of points, and a message insinuating, but not quite saying, how lucky they are to have a good friend like you.  :)

Phone orders/Mail orders

Well there is good news and bad news. Which do you want first?

I hope you said good news . . . The good news is that you will earn points for phone orders (and mail orders) the same way you would for phone orders. We can easily tell you how many points you will earn. And if you give us a minute after the order is placed, we can browse to a different screen and tell you your points total.

The bad news is that you can't use points over the phone. It is just a limitation of the system.