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 Cold & Flu Rescue Pack
   Stomach Storm Calm

Cold and Flu Rescue Pack Comes with a FREE BERRYWELL along with fellow illness busting superstar:
    - Bee Immune
    - Ultra Immune
    - Odorless Garlic
    - Winter Breeze
    - Cod Liver Oil
    - Rosemary Essential Oil
    - Gypsy Cold Care Tea


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Stomach Storm Calm comes with a FREE TUMMY TUNEUP as well as the following items:
    - Eucalyptus Bath Salts
    - Grapefruit Seed Extract
    - Activated Charcoal (125 Capsules)
    - Peppermint Essential Oil
    - Ginger Essential Oil
    - Digestive Enzymes
    - Ginger Tea


$103 value for $84!


Propolis (Bee Immune) is the “super glue” and sanitizer bees produce to hold together a hive and fight disease in a home crammed with ten or twenty-thousand bees. Its antioxidants combined with generous levels of flavonoids create a nearly unbeatable sickness-fighting team.

Ultra Immune is scientifically designed to help support healthy immune function. This potent herbal formula is based on high-quality elderberry (50mg) and olive leaf extracts (50 mg) and is potentiated by stabilized allicin from garlic. We have also added oregano and rosemary oil - two natural compounds that have been used extensively to provide sound immune system support.

Odorless Garlic packs a powerful immune boosting and antibacterial punch. Can be used as both apreventative and treatment.

Winter Breeze makes a soothing massage as a preventative. If any hint or sign of congestion or coughing is present massaging Winter Breeze on the soles of the feet, back and chest brings soothing relief.

Cod Liver Oil is an easily overlooked player in the immune boosting process. The body needs a lot of Vit. D and A in times of illness, both are fat soluble vitamins that are very bioavailable in Cod Liver Oil.

Rosemary Essential Oil is an amazing tool to use to fight any sort of sinus or lung infections that try to take hold. Rosemary’s warm spicy presence is perfect in a diffuser or added to a cup of steaming water and carefully inhaled.

When a sickness comes to call nothing is more soothing than a cup of hot herbal tea. Steeped for at least 20 minutes, with a generous dollup of raw honey and a squeeze of fresh lemon, Gypsy Cold Care Tea can provide a couple of hours of relief from cold misery.
Now all together in one convenient package so you can be sure to have on hand what you need when an illness comes to call, or use as a preventative when you and loved ones have been exposed! If you have waited to try Berrywell, or are a long time fan of it’s wonder working properties now is the time to get one for FREE.

Few things cause as much interruption and personal angst as food poisoning or the dreaded stomach bug.This package has everything you need to hit stomach storms head on and win! Front and center of course is the super star probiotic blend Tummy Tune Up that comes FREE with this package!

Eucalyptus Bath Salts are a wonderful support to add to stomach soothing routines. Incredibly healing, soothing and rehydrating these salts help to restore hydration that might be lost while soothing sore muscles. Read description to see the full range of benefits these incredible

Grapefruit Seed Extract judiciously and carefully doled out is particularly effective against bacterial problems.

When those waves of nausea hit you do not want to be without Peppermint and Ginger Essential oils! See descriptions to see the many ways they can be used.

Activated Charcoal can be used from young to old and is incredibly fast acting for virtually ever stomach ailment known to man. After stomach problems hit one of the trickiest phases can be the reintroduction of solids stage.

Digestive Enzymes come to the rescue and help sluggish or traumatized systems get a jumpstart on digestion again without causing any unpleasant “rock on the stomach” sensations.

Lastly this package includes Ginger Tea. Steep and sweeten with Stevia or a dollup of raw honey the warm spicy liquid is incredibly soothing to tummies that are not feeling the greatest. Can also be used as a post sickness digestive aid as you transition back to solid foods.

With this package of rescue products standing by you will be well armed to deal with any stomach storms that may come your way.  

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