Gut Restoration 6 Month Protocol Package

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Gut Restoration 6 Month Protocol Package

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A jumpstart kit for gut restoration.
Acidophilus Blast™ - 120 Capsules   +$18.40
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This is a jumpstart kit for gut restoration. The protocol is:

  • 3 Yeast Assassin + 4 Acidophilus Blast per day for 1 month
  • 2 Tummy Tuneup per day for 1 month
  • 1 Gut Guardian per day for 2 months
  • 1 Gut Guardian Supreme per day for 2 months

If still struggling with yeast symptoms after the one month anti-yeast protocol, continue supplementing with Yeast Assassin which kills yeast and parasites, and Acidophilus Blast, which inhibits the reproduction of yeast, as needed.

Alternatives: Use Tummy Tuneup for months 2-4 or 2-6 for more gentle cleansing. Use Gut Guardian or Supreme for months 2-6 for more high powered cleansing. Do not use Yeast Assassin if pregnant or nursing. Consider instead using Yeast Assassin Lite under the guidance of a healthcare practitioner.

For more information, please see our blog: Ride Off Into the Sunset With a Healthy Gut

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Customer Reviews 5 item(s)

Money well spent! I am grateful to have discovered this product!
I am so happy to have tried this product! After having severe heartburn and digestion problems for months I feel as if I have found relief, a solution to the problem, not just a band-aid to it! I have also noticed that my hormones are starting to level out and I give credit due to this product as well!
Review by Sarah / (Posted on 1/22/2016)
Love this system.
I ordered this in an effort to start feeling my best and after only a few weeks, I feel amazing!!!! I feel more regulated and I feel like my food is processed better inside my body.
Review by Sarah / (Posted on 11/3/2015)
Life changing results
I wanted a natural solution for my acid reflux and I found this package. I was amazed, a lifetime of stomach trouble began to be resolved in the first two months. I had gas and cramping, occasional diarhea and constipation, and stomach aches were the norm for me. After taking this protocol, I began having the intestinal health of a child; I began having bowel movements that completely evacuated my lower bowels and left me feeling comfortable. Of course these results were helped by a healthy diet, lots of water, and exercise, and eating less sugar. I found Aloe Vera capsules invaluable in the first month, as there was some constipation with the yeast-killing step. My Mom, age 74, has used this Gut Restoration package, and it has cured a lifetime of constipation for her. Last year at this time, her Dr prescribed a daily laxitive that she would take for the rest of her life, and that is when she asked me for help. I reccomended this 6 month protocol, and after completing it she found that she needs to continue to use Tummy Tuneup and Aloe Vera capsules daily to avoid constipation. Her last physical exam her Dr said to keep up the good work; all of her test results showed her health was so much better than in the past. She has more energy than she used to, and she can't stop thanking me. Thank you, Beeyoutiful!
Review by Rebecca / (Posted on 10/12/2014)
Very pleased!
I have had a lot of digestive issues which I believe were caused by years of taking antibiotics and BCPs. I took them to treat acne, but through recent research I believe those meds further disrupted my hormones and damaged my intestinal flora, making the problem worse in the long run. I have been eliminating inflammation causing foods and taking this course of probiotics and though I'm not done with the course, I can tell a difference in my digestive comfort and my skin is clearer and healthier! Looking forward to seeing more benefits as I complete the course. Thank you for offering an affordable package!
Review by Allison / (Posted on 2/4/2014)
Probiotics I can trust!
I did this protocol and found it very effective! It helped me with some digestive issues I'd been having. I know that my immune system was compromised through the years, especially from taking antibiotics. I am thankful Beeyoutiful put together a complete package that gave my body the boost it needed! These are great quality probiotics you can trust.
Review by Lana / (Posted on 2/4/2014)

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