February Specials 2013


Bee Hearty Package

available as long as supplies last from Feb. 1st through Feb. 28th

Full Package Price: $57

Special Discount Price: $45


Contains: CoQ10, Odorless Garlic, B-Better, Omega 3 (see below for details!)

We carefully selected and put together a powerful heart-health supporting package of products to make heart supplementation as easy, and affordable as possible. Please take the time to read how each of these products is uniquely beneficial from a nutritional standpoint to supporting good heart health.

Beeyoutiful CoQ10 Capsules: CoQ10 is an amazing vitamin-like substance that is a key component for roughly 95% of all the body’s energy production. Interestingly enough, CoQ10’s active ingredient is named ubiquinone, which is derived from the word, ubiquitious, which literally means “found everywhere”. Studies have shown that CoQ10 can be beneficial for a number of conditions. In some of these studies, those suffering from Congestive Heart Failure have seen a significant decrease in symptoms and the severity of symptoms. Due to the fact that it helps nourish your entire body, CoQ10 is also important for your overall cell health. It has been seen to help boost energy levels, and plays helps supports good blood pressure and blood sugar levels. CoQ10 is best absorbed when taken with a good source of fatty acids because it is a fat-soluble compound such as Omega 3 (also in this package! See below)

Odorless Garlic: Garlic has also been found to contain important constituents for heart and cardiovascular support, as well as for lowering blood pressure. Garlic also seems to be an anticoagulant, meaning it acts as a mild blood-thinner, which may help prevent heart attacks and strokes. The most beneficial medicinal form of garlic is freshly crushed or juiced raw garlic. Most of us have a hard time in-taking sufficient quantities of this per day and the Odorless Garlic is the perfect on-the go stand in!

Please note: If you are currently taking prescription blood thinners please do not supplement with Odorless Garlic without the knowledge and supervision of your healthcare provider.

Bee-Better: Beeyoutiful’s B-Better, a B Vitamin Complex, is like a little army of superheroes in a capsule! The B Complex Vitamins are crucial to your nervous system, cardiovascular system and immune systems and Beeyoutiful’s Bee Better provides the recommended dose of these vitamins in one easy to take supplement! Regular intake has been seen to help to decrease chances of heart disease, stroke or arterial disease through converting homocysteine into methionine. If homocystenine is not turned into methionine, then you see increased heart disease, stroke and arterial disease. B Vitamins are water soluble, so they are normally shed in the urine if un-needed and thus unused by your body so don't be shocked if you have a slightly neon yellow coloring to your urine occasionally when on a B complex. Because B vitamins are water soluble most individuals are totally fine taking a B complex in addition to the B vitamins found in their daily multivitamin. Particularly those in need of extra heart-health support. For maximum absorption and benefit take at a different time of day from your multi vitamin. Optimal absorption happens when taken with a meal.

Omega 3: Beeyoutiful’s Omega 3 are a happy little fat source that plays a huge role in your body’s health! A source of the essential fatty acids – DHA and EPA, Omega 3’s have been shown to play a role in helping to reduce the risk of heart disease, boost moods, increase attention span, and help decrease inflammation. Omega 3 specifically supports Caridovascular Health- by helping to decrease excessive clotting, lower lipids, decrease or help stop thickening of the arteries. The Natural Fish Oil Concentrate used in Beeyoutiful’s Omega 3 is manufactured under strict quality control standards. It is tested per batch to be free of potentially harmful levels of mercury, heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins, and other contaminants.

Please take advantage of the great savings available in this package! If not for you then consider if a loved one might benefit from some heart health supplementation. We are keeping this package available at this price for the entire month of February as long as our inventory allows. No limit to how many packages each individual can purchase.


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