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Respiratory Virus Alert: Be armed and ready with 10 immune-boosting strategies!

We are sure by now that you have seen the news about the newest virus on the prowl. Reports of it are everywhere you turn, unless you live under a news and social media rock like our CEO Steve Tallent! This was all news to him!

Judging by all available information, it does seem like this virus known as Enterovirus D68 (or EV-D68) is quite worthy of concern with the number of hospitalizations left in its wake. WebMD has a comprehensive article covering what is currently known about this virus. You can read about it here.

Thankfully, most children are recovering well, but I think we all would all agree that it would be best to avoid it in the first place! No parent wants the heartache and stress of watching sick little ones struggling to breathe. With this in mind, we wanted to share with you 10 tips that our Beeyoutiful families are doing to safeguard our own families from this illness. (continued below)


Hobby Farm Update!

Do you like free range, non-GMO, farm-raised chicken? We do too! We decided to collaborate with the Ewings, our friends and Beeyoutiful colleagues, to raise about 50 meat chickens. We've never done this before, so it's been an exciting journey so far learning how to keep them safe, healthy, and alive.

Our birds started out a few weeks ago as tiny, fluffy one-day-old chicks. Mary and Tal had some idea of how to care for them while they were in their first weeks of life, so they kept them at their home with heat lamps and feeders. Now that the birds are older, we have migrated them to our cow pasture where they are able to "free-range" in their 10x10 mobile tractor.

Today, they are about 4 weeks old, which puts us at about the half-way mark of them being ready for processing. I'm excited to be a new chicken farmer, so I wanted to share some of the enthusiasm with you all! If you are curious about raising your own chickens and have any questions (or advice!), feel free to get in touch:

We'll be sharing photos of our hobby farm over on Instagram, so follow us @beeyoutifulcom. I'll update again in next month's newsletter!

- Jeff Goss

1. Eat plenty of cruciferous vegetables. I am talking about 5-7 servings per day; it's a good thing our kids like broccoli, because that is a LOT of broccoli! You can also consider serving things like cole slaw (especially if you can sneak in a little probiotic rich yogurt and honey), steamed cabbage, and sautéed onions and brussels sprouts. Adding garlic or fresh herbs to these dishes will not only enhance the flavors, but will also add a small antiviral boost. Cruciferous veggies contain glucosinolates which directly stimulate the thymus. Your thymus is the control center for your immune system, so supporting and nourishing the thymus is very important for maintaining a healthy stasis.

Supplement with thymus and immune system-supporting nutrients. The following are some favorites used by our Beeyoutiful families. We tend to pick and choose between all of these options and rotate among them based on individuals needs and specific immune system vulnerabilities.

  •  Berry Well: Supports and nourishes the thymus gland and helps support the immune system in specific ways that makes it particularly beneficial in protecting against viruses. In addition, the elderberry provides terrific symptom relief through decreasing congestion.
  •  Immune Boosters (Bee Immune, Ultra Immune and Colostrum Transfer Factor): You can take these in conjunction with each other, but we rotate them on and off while doing illness prevention protocols. Since up to 80% of our immune system resides in the extensive intestinal tract we refer to as our guts, using high-quality probiotic support makes sense. We rotate between Tummy Tuneup and Ultimate Defense.
  •  Key Nutrients: Make sure you are taking in or supplementing with Zinc, Selenium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium.

3. Vitamin D3 and Omega 3: There was a reason our grandmothers reached for the Cod Liver Oil bottle with each sniffle! It works to specifically support the parts of the immune system that effectively fight off viruses, and it's also beneficial in reducing inflammation. You can either take these separately or take D3 combined in Cod Liver Oil. Cook your foods with coconut oil and eat a diet rich in safe, wild-caught fish as well.

4. Vitamin C: We have seen significant benefits from Vitamin C with other lung-related ailments; eating your Vitamin C-rich vegetables or supplementing will help decrease mucus and increase lung health. Rosehip C is specifically good because it also directly supports the thymus gland to operate optimally.

5. Bone Broth: Keep those bones a-simmering! Add in a few herbs such as Rosemary, Thyme, Sage and Garlic. Don't forget the veggies too! This is a great way to get key vitamins and minerals. Some of our little ones really enjoy sipping warm cups of nicely flavored bone broth. For some of the others we hide it as a base in soups, rice and noodles. (continued below)

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6.Bottoms Up: Take in fresh juices regularly. Here's a favorite recipe.

7. Get some clean air! Enjoy some fresh sunshine and a few minutes of daily exercise. Using a personal rebounder is a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system which operates as the central highway system for the body's immune system. It's vitally important to keep it cleared out and working optimally in order to maintain healthy immune support. Bonus: rebounding also gets your exercise in at the same time!

8. Detox Baths: At least once a week, take a bath using a detoxifying agent (such as Eucalyptus Bath Salts, Epsom Salts or Baking Soda).

9. Chest Poultices: These can be used weekly even when healthy, or as needed after being sick. Garlic, Lobelia, Chamomile, or Mullein are all great choices for chest poultices. Click here to see Steph's tutorial on how to do a garlic poultice.

10. Diffuse those oils! Bandito Blend, Thyme, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree Oil are our top choices. These can also be diluted and massaged onto feet* where there are a lot of nerve receptors and thus are ideal for facilitating rapid absorption into the bloodstream. (continued below)

Practical Use for Essential Oils

When a flu or a cold turns into bronchitis, it's a risky situation. Whatever medical procedures you pursue, inhaling essential oils can be a key factor in getting well again. Mostly because the healing vapors go straight to the lungs where the inflammation and mucus are causing trouble. Several essential oils, especially eucalyptus, are called "mucolytic," that is, they break down mucus in the respiratory system. Others are called "expectorants," meaning they loosen mucus. Eucalyptus oil is an expectorant, too. 

Fill a pan or bowl with hot steamy water and add 1 drop of each: Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lavender, Tea Tree.

Breath the steam deeply for 5 minutes and repeat 2-3 times a day. You can drape a towel over your head as you lean over the pan or bowl (called a "steam tent") to capture the most steam.

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The key to beating a virus is a healthy immune system. These suggestions are also what we use to guard against the common cold and flu. Hope you have found something helpful to implement for you and your family!

Sincerely wishing you and your family a safe and healthy fall,

Steph and Mary
For the Beeyoutiful Team

*Please note that some essential oil experts recommend not diffusing or using some of these essential oils around or on very young children. We encourage individuals to do their own research and do due diligence in sensitivity testing before using any essential oils on young children or while pregnant and nursing.

**We are not doctors and thus cannot diagnose or prescribe. These are our personal protocols that we will be using with our own families. If at anytime you or a loved one becomes ill, please seek appropriate medical attention.
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