Over the past several weeks we have been compiling information about Ebola as part of the behind the scenes research we do here at Beeyoutiful. Below are a few resources that we've found helpful while seeking out information about Ebola, particularly focusing on what natural things might be most helpful. 

We wanted to make this information available to our customers in case you too could benefit from this information. This is in no way intended to replace or represent the medical and professional advice of your healthcare provider.

We do not have any specific brand recommendations at this time and encourage you to do due diligence with any supplement company by asking if they are:

a) Full Disclosure
b) follow good manufacturing guidelines  
c) (if applicable) if they guarantee potency on the label till the expiration date on the bottles. 

Best wishes of health to you and your families,

Steph Tallent, on behalf of our Beeyoutiful Staff families


Red Algae is featured in a study with fascinating results and great information.

Great information to understand in how Vitamin C works in the context of something like Ebola. 

Fascinating look at the allopathic approach to Ebola and the crucial role selenium plays.


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