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   Bromelain - Regular Price: $14 | Sale Price $9.10 (from Feb 3rd to Feb 7th) 

I was personally reacquainted with how incredible Bromelain is just a few months ago.

My brother has been accident-prone for years. He spent a few years working on construction crews and his penchant for accidents combined with tall heights, heavy materials, sharp tools and slippery surfaces all resulted in some pretty serious injuries. He learned that if he took large doses of Bromelain immediately after experiencing an injury and then continued taking it every few hours, he was able to escape the crippling pain and soreness that is typical after a trauma. After one particularly memorable event where he and crew mates were hit by a large beam that slipped and fell down on them from above, he knew for sure he was going to be in pain. He had knots, lumps, and bruises all over and by the time he left the job site he was already in such bad pain that simply turning his neck was nearly impossible. He immediately began his protocol of large amounts of Bromelain when he got home and the next day he was the only one of the injured crew who was able to move without pain! He shared his bottle with them and the entire crew was able to get back to normal in record time.

I highly recommend that EVERY family have this on hand, if not for “normal” inflammation type situations, then at least to have in case of injuries of any kind. This is nature’s answer to the anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical bottles that most of us keep in the back of our medicine cabinets for “just in case”.

Read below to see the a great explanation of the reasons why bromelain works so well. Or just scroll on down to see the rest of the sale items!

Bromelain is nature’s anti-inflammatory enzyme that is derived from the stems of pineapples. This proteolytic enzyme is a great aid to help digest proteins, but it may provide beneficial relief for sports injuries, swelling, sore muscles, arthritis, infections, and even sinus problems. Bromelain’s primary job is to reduce inflammation which can, in turn, benefit many of the body’s systems. Through the eight unique enzymes found within Bromelain, it is able to decrease swelling by eliminating excess fibrins that have accumulated due to inflammation, injury, or stress. This action alone prohibits the body from forming excessive clots and buildup in the arteries. Finally, Bromelain slows both the accumulation of kinins and prostaglandins in the body which both can contribute to chronic disease in the body.

What health complications can be helped with Bromelain? Joint and muscle pain, including arthritis- May decrease inflammation, and thus it may help reduce the discomfort and soreness associated with swelling, injuries, soreness, or even surgery. In some European countries, Bromelain has been used after surgery to reduce swelling and help add pain relief. Native Americans used it to treat wounds and injuries for centuries before it became a known supplement in the mid-1950s. Sinus/allergies- May help decrease swelling and inflammation in the sinus passages, reducing coughing and lung inflammation as well.

Infections- Although not well documented, there have been several studies that show the benefits of Bromelain in relation to bacteria and some viruses. It is worth considering the addition of Bromelain to an immune-boosting regimen to work synergistically with other supplements. Digestion Aid- As a proteolytic enzyme, Bromelain’s ability to aid in the digestion of protein is especially helpful for those having high gastric discomfort. Coupled with carbohydrate and fat-digesting enzymes, it has been seen to help decrease reflux and other gut related symptoms.

   Red Raspberry Leaves - Regular Price: $10 | Sale Price $9 (all month long!) 

For all you ladies who are either expecting or know someone who is, we finally have our wonderful Red Raspberry Leaf capsules back in stock! It is also a fantastic thing for women to take to assist in normalizing mestrual cycle side effects and reducing cramping. It took us over a year to get these back in stock. Due to our stringent testing process we kept having batches that showed up positive for contaminants and pesticides despite working with ethical sources. It took us a year but we finally have a truly pure and safe supply to offer you!


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