Cyber Monday Deals start on 12:01am Monday, December 1st. 2014! You won't see prices change until then!

Come one, come all to participate in the biggest celebration of sales and FREE stuff we've ever put together in one place before in's history. There are so many things across so many categories that you'll need to set aside a few minutes to read through and work out a shopping game-plan for when the clock rolls over and our Cyber Monday Extravaganza begins!


FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed on Cyber Monday (12:00am to 11:59pm Central Time) that are $75 or more. Free Shipping applies to total after Bee Points, coupon codes or any other applicable discounts are applied to the order. 

Next up is our lineup of bonus giveaways for qualifying orders:

The first 50 orders shipped that have any BeeyoutifulSkin Makeup Items on the order (of any size or amount!) will receive a FREE 100% pure silk scarf included in their shipment. Note: this will not show up on your invoice or in your shopping cart. If you are one of the first 50 orders with BeeyoutifulSkin makeup on the order, we will add the scarf to your box as the order is packed. 

Next, any orders that include any of our children's supplement products (ChewC, SuperKids (all flavors), Tummy Tune Up Jr., etc.) will receive a free boomerang. While supplies last; not applicable for products that are out of stock. 

The first 125 orders placed on Cyber Monday will have a Lip Balm (flavor of our choosing) added to their box. 

FREE GINGER ESSENTIAL OIL: All orders that are $200 or more will have a 1 oz Ginger Essential Oil added to their box. You will not see this item on your invoice or in your shopping cart, but it will be included when your box is packed. 


Citrus Breeze Essential Oil Duo 20% Off: Lemon and Tangerine make a wonderful and uplifting combination. We love running these two oils in our diffusers to brighten our homes on dreary days, and they make a delightful household cleaner!

Citrus Breeze Spray Cleaner

  • 2 Cups Water 
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon natural dish soap
  • 30 drops Lemon Essential Oil
  • 30 Drops Tangerine Essential Oil
  • Pour into reusable plastic spray bottle. Shake well. Use anywhere it's needed! Cuts through grime and grease well. 
Ultimate Essential Oil Starter Kit: 

20% off!

The Ultimate Essential Oil Starter Kit contains everything you need to get started in essential oils. The Complete Book of Essential Oils has hundreds of practical recipes and blends for just about every aspect of life. It rums the gamut from homemade cleaners, to perfumes, to health support for everybody in the family, even dogs and cats! It also includes the Breeze nebulizing diffuser., our long-time favorite for its workhorse reputation. In addition to these two must-have essential oil tools, we've included five of what we consider to be some of the most essential of our essential oil collections. Marjoram, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Clove Essential Oils round out this awesome package at an amazing price. This would make an incredible gift to get a loved one started on their essential oil journey this Christmas. If you would love to receive this set yourself, make sure to send the link to whomever wants to give you an awesome gift!

Bio Zinc: 50% off (while supplies last) Beeyoutiful's Bio Zinc is zinc glycinate in a Pumpkin Seed Oil base to create a gentle, easily assimilated way of supplementing with this crucial nutrient. Zinc is an integral mineral co-factor, responsible for immune, neurological, skeletal, prostate and endocrine system functions. It is valuable for the critical role it plays in immune system support and its equally crucial but lesser known role in the healthy production of HCL (necessary for good digestion). Whether your immune system struggles a bit or your digestive process is less than ideal, this is a critical nutrient to use. At this bargain price you can't afford not to get it! 

All Cyber Monday orders for our ever-popular and already discounted Family Pack will include a FREE Stainless Steel Water Bottle (while supplies last).

The following products are 25% off for Cyber Monday:

Dynamic Duo and Katalyst are incredibly affordable ways to to supplement with healing levels of Vitamins A, D, and K, which are crucial for the healthy functioning of every part of the body. Omega 3 is required for healthy brain function as well as heart health. And no man in your life should be without Clinical Prostate Support to ensure that his body has specific nutrients to ensure healthy prostate function. 

Kid Immunity Pack 20% off + Free Boomerang (includes ChewC, Liquid Cod Liver Oil, and Spearmint Essential Oil)

This fun set is everything a Beeyoutiful kid needs to weather the winter months in good health. Liquid Lemon Flavored Cod Liver Oil provides those crucial Omega 3's along with Vitamins A and D for healthy immune system function. ChewC is a delicious way to get Vitamin C into children with no muss or fuss! Spearmint is considered one of the safest essential oils for a variety of childhood situations. We use it in diffusers near the kids' beds when there is any kind of congestion and on feet (diluted) when there is a fever. Its clean refreshing scent makes it a favorite for all ages! And last but not least, we've included a Free Boomerang to help encourage your kid to get outside and stay active even through the cold winter months! Our kids love bundling up and playing with their boomerangs. Even just 10 minutes of running around laughing and playing does wonders to keep the lymphatic system moving well which keeps the main communication pathways of the body open. Physical activity cannot be valued enough in its health supporting role!


We are working with Beeyoutiful's very own coffee roasters to bring you organic, fair trade, custom roasted coffee for a limited time just for you, our Beeyoutiful friends, for the Holiday season. In addition to the many hats Jeff Goss wears around our offices, he and his beautiful wife Michelle have channeled their passion for delicious coffee into a roasting operation that they have dubbed JustSimplyCoffee. Each pound of coffee is roasted to order and is truly some of the most delicious coffee we have ever had cross our lips. We are self-professed coffee snobs around the Beeyoutiful offices, and it makes us very happy to be able to share some gourmet coffee love with you! 

JustSimplyCoffee is available in 13 oz. and 8 oz bags of whole beans. Please don't ask us to grind the beans before we ship them to you; if you do, we will promptly turn you over to Jeff who will begin babbling about how the oxidization ruins the incredible flavor profile... and then your eyes will begin to glaze over! If you don't have a coffee grinder, you can use a blender. Just take our word for it, grinding the beans immediately before brewing is the way to go!

Just for Cyber Monday JustSimplyCoffee will be available at 15% off!

We also have some herbal tea that has become an instant favorite. With a milder, slightly sweeter taste than its more well known cousin, Peppermint, Spearmint is an incredibly delicious, nutritious, and refreshing herbal tea that pairs well with many other herbs while also being amazing all by itself. Spearmint Tea is on sale for 20% off for Cyber Monday, making this a fantastic time to add this incredible herbal tea to your collection! 


Have you grabbed enough stocking stuffers yet? No? That's what these products are for! 10% off of each one. 

Tension Tamer: This wonderful little tube is a favorite among people who struggle with focus or who are prone to headaches. In our Beeyoutiful homes, we like to use it with little people who struggle in paying attention to their school work. Prediluted and with an easy-to-use roller ball, it travels in purses, pockets and diaper bags with ease.

Miracle 1 oz.: The same miraculous formula that is loved by all in a handy and portable one ounce stick. Roll it up as needed and slather liberally wherever needed. This is a must have for a new mama's diaper bag, and is a vital part of our home first aid kit. An excellent stocking stuffer for just about everybody!

BALM's: These are loved by young, old, and in between. BALM is a MUST for anyone who deals with dry or chapped lips. Luscious, creamy, and best of all? SUPER affordable.

Lip Shimmers: Want to make sure lips are warm, soft, and inviting for mistletoe time? Grab your favorite shades for your favorite ladies. Slender and small with warm, neutral colors that are beautifully complimentary. 

Hair Sticks: These beautiful and unique hair sticks are perfect stocking stuffers. The variety of options are sure to please and compliment every woman's unique beauty and personal styles. From neutral to sassy statements, there is truly something for everyone! 


Running low on some of your favorite BeeyoutifulSkin makeup? Been wanting to try some new colors for a while? Want to be able to gift some to a lady you love? This is the time! Not only do we have a discount on almost every aspect of the BeeyoutifulSkin line (including brushes!), but we also have Free Giveaway pairings of 100% pure silk scarves. These pairings are super complimentary and make great gifts. 

Be sure to check out the Free Scarf with Select Eye Colors and the 25% off bundles of Scarf, Hair Stick and Eye Color all carefully chosen to be complimentary to each other to make beautiful, customized, and coordinated style statements. 

Makeup and Scarf Combos: 

Preselected Pairings of Hair Sticks and Scarves: Scarf is regular price, hair stick is FREE. We've paired them together into sets and individual listings on our site. 


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