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First, let's start with a lineup of the FREE stuff!

FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $125 or more. Order with a local friend to reach the minimum dollar amount if the items you need do not total enough!

A FREE BALM** will be added to all orders of $150 or more! 

A FREE Orange Essential Oil** will be added (in addition to the BALM!) to orders that total $250 or more!

**The items abover will be added automatically to your order during packing of your order. Do not add these item to your cart if you qualify for the freebie, unless you want an additional items. Offer valid WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

All discounts on this page are valid while supplies last. If items go out of stock before your order ships, another product of equal or greater value will be substituted at our discretion. Orders must meet the minimum qualifying amounts after Bee Points or other coupons and discounts have been applied in order to qualify for the Free Giveaways. 
Next up are two Super-Star Nutritional Supplements! We've discounted this pair so steeply that we had to check and then double-check to make sure we were not actually going to lose money putting them at these prices.
Bromelain  45% off retail price! Was $14, Now $7.70
  Okay, I think I can guess what some of you are thinking. Why Bromelain? It’s such an ordinary, plain, little-known supplement. Why should you care if it’s steeply discounted? Aaaaand I know what the rest of you are thinking as well. “Bromelain for 45% off?? How many can I buy… this is too good to be true!” Yes, you would be one of the few who have actually experienced some of this unsung hero’s benefits.

For those of you who are still scratching your head about why you’d want something called Bromelain, and might be tempted to scroll on down in hopes of finding something more interesting, click here to read the highlights of what you need to know and why I’m just a little crazy for being willing to all but give it away.

I was personally reacquainted with how incredible Bromelain is just a few months ago. My brother has been accident-prone for years. He spent a few years working on construction crews and his penchant for accidents combined with tall heights, heavy materials, sharp tools and slippery surfaces all combined to create some pretty serious injuries. He learned that if he took large doses of Bromelain immediately after injuries and continued taking it every few hours he was able to escape the crippling pain and soreness that would be normal after a serious injury. After one particularly memorable event where he and coworkers were hit by a large beam that slipped and fell down on them from above, he knew for sure he was going to be in pain. He had knots, lumps and bruises all over and by the time he left the job site he was already in such bad pain that simply turning his neck was nearly impossible. He immediately began his protocol of large amounts of Bromelain when he got home and the next day he was the only one of his coworkers who was able to move without pain! He shared his bottle with them and the entire crew was able to get back to normal in record time.

I highly recommend that EVERY family have this on hand, if not for “normal” inflammation type situations, then at least to have it in case of injuries of any kind. This is nature’s answer to the pharmaceutical bottles that most of us keep in the back of our medicine cabinets for “just in case”.

Read more about Bromelain - HERE! 

Cod Liver Oil 25% off Retail Price! Was $16, Now $12
  Now for the second half of our amazing pair of supplements! Normally our liquid Cod Liver Oil is priced at $16, but it’s now on sale for $12. There are few neurological, developmental or cardiovascular health issues that do not respond well to the properties in Cod Liver Oil. Its high in naturally-occurring Vitamins A and D that are incredibly bioavailable when consumed in a natural, food based form. I personally begin supplementing our children with Cod Liver Oil from a very young age. One of our kids loves it, one hates it, and the third tolerates it. This liquid form with its mild lemon flavor makes it a lot easier to get into children than the unflavored varieties. I’ve found that adding this to a bottle or mixing it with a bit of honey on a spoon helps to get it down kids easier. The winter months are an especially crucial time to supplement your children with daily doses of Cod Liver Oil. I’m going to be stocking up while it’s at this price!
Gift Cards  15% off!
  And, last but not least, here’s something we have never done before in the history of the company. We are putting our Gift Certificates on sale! For every $20 you spend on a Gift Certificate, you’ll get $3 free, or in other words, 15% off our Gift Certificates. This allows your gift dollars to go further while allowing the recipient to choose what they most want or need. I know there are a lot of ladies out there who have BeeyoutifulSkin Mineral Makeup on their wish lists. This is a fantastic way to gift a special lady in your life exactly what she wants!

And now for a special section dedicated to some outstanding Stocking Stuffers! Ever wanted to give family members super-useful, user-friendly and more natural tools for their health? These products are specifically selected for their small, stocking-friendly sizes, great price points and, most of all, for being very easy to use.
Stocking Stuffers  
  Lip B.A.L.M - Normally $3, now $2 and FREE for orders over $150

Tension Tamer - Normally 12, now $9!

Miracle Skin Save 2oz. - Normally $17, now $13!

Ow! Ease Trauma Stick - Normally $17, now $13!
Essential Oils  These Are Essential! 20% off!

Next up is a lineup of some of our favorite Essential Oils. I think they are useful tools for every home to have. If you’ve missed out on prior sales, or have been waiting for the perfect time to buy, this is it. All of the following Essential Oils are 20% Off.

Frankincense | was $37.50, now $30
Citronella | was $9.00, now $7.20
Thyme | was $24, now $19.20
Rosemary | was $12, now $9.60
Ginger | was $21, now $16.80
Orange | was $7.50, now $6
Clary Sage | was $21, now $16.80

Terms and Conditions: Sale prices are good for specified timeframe only. We will not be able to give rain checks if we sell out or credits on prior orders of the same product. First come, first served! We cannot "hold" any products involved in this sale to wait for other out of stock items to come back in stock.
We hope you enjoy shopping these wonderful sales we've put together for you! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. You can e-mail Mary directly at or call Toni at 1-877-6BEEYOU (1-877-623-3968). Our call volume will probably be a lot higher than usual due to the big sale so please be patient. We will be sure to return every voicemail left during business hours before the end of the Sale.

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