Don’t mind the snoring dog in the background. Beeyoutiful is a kid and pet friendly company! Please allow for an hour of time to listen to and process the valuable and comprehensive information about how the digestive system works.

Highlights from this video:

  • Digestion is essential to health and being nourished.
  • The best diet and highest quality supplements in the world can’t compensate for inadequate digestion.

The digestive process:

  • Brain, anticipates eating, begins hormonal release
  • Chewing, it’s important! Mastication of food and enzyme activity
  • Stomach acid, a huge role in digestion.
  • Pyloric valve, triggered to release by appropriate pH
  • Duodenum, not designed for low pH, triggers the next phase
  • Pancreas sends in a bicarbonate flush, this carries needed enzymes
  • Gallbladder  also comes into play here, role of bile in digestion
  • Absorption of nutrients, it’s mostly in your small intestine
  • Ileoceceal valve, the gatekeeper between the kitchen and the outhouse
  • Role of the large intestine, recycling of fluids, production of vitamins
  • Elimination, the last part of the digestion process.

Digestive dysfunction:

  • Parasympathetic state, need to slow down
  • Chewing, what did your mother tell you?
  • low hydrochloric acid, the first domino in the digestive cascade
  • Role of zinc in acid production, the vicious circle
  • Acid & transit time, burping, belching and bloating?
  • Overeating or drinking too much water, how it hurts acid production
  • Acid & pancreatic flush: no enzymes? no digestion.
  • Poor gallbladder response, (and all the reasons why)
  • Insufficient enzymes and bile? Maldigestion = leaky gut, poor transit time, dysbiosis.

Restoring Digestive Function:


  • Those with reflux issues and children should not supplement with acid. 


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