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  1. Beeyoutiful Baby Bodysuit

    100% Ringspun Cotton in a Soft, Pastel Yellow, our 0-6 Month All-in-One Bodysuit

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  2. Beeyoutiful Baby Gift Set

     Whether you need a gift for a friend or want to treat yourself, Beeyoutiful's Baby Gift Set is a uniquely "bee-you-tiful" gift for all expectant and new moms! This set comes complete in ready-for-gifting packaging, wrapped in tulle and tied with a pale yellow ribbon, sure to delight our newest Beeyoutiful family members. Includes a Beeyoutiful Baby Bodysuit, Miracle 1 oz., and Vanilla Dream Body Butter.

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  3. Chamomile Essential Oil

    Starting at: $4.00

    Chamomile was seen in ancient historical accounts dating back as far as Egyptian and Roman manuscripts. Chamomile Essential Oil has a beautifully light, but floral aroma sure to soothe and calm.

    100% Pure and Natural

    Chamaemelum Nobile

    0.5 fl oz, 1 fl oz, and prediuted 10 ml Rollerball

    Note: Based on feedback, we have switched to a medium flow eurotop reducer. If you would prefer a slower reducer, those can be purchased separately here: Slow Flow Euro Top

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  4. Colic Calm Gripe Water - 2 fl oz.

    2 fl. oz.  (24 doses)

    NEW! Specially formulated charcoal liquid with dispenser for your baby or toddler.

    Colic Calm Gripe Water NEW and Improved formula is concentrated so your child needs half as much! Gas and Colic stand no chance against the healing properties of Colic Calm Gripe Water. Successfully tested by tens of thousands of relieved parents and babies worldwide.

    Comes with calibrated dispenser that allows you to gently squeeze the Gripe Water into your child's mouth without spills. You can also add the Gripe Water to juice or other liquids in baby's bottle or cup.

    Temporarily relieves the symptoms of restlesness and irritability that can result from colic, gas, teething and gastrointestinal distress including bloating, stomach cramping and acid reflux.

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  5. Miracle Skin Salve™

    Starting at: $13.60

    2 oz. OR 4 oz.

    Don’t be rash! Miracle Skin Salve™ promotes deep healing and restoration using a soothing blend of organic herbs and oils. From sunburn, chapped lips, and diaper rash to painful wounds and burns, apply salve as often as needed and watch your skin smile!

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5 Item(s)


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