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Customer Reviews

  1. Liquid Chlorophyll - Mint - 16 fl oz.

    Our family has been taking the chlorophyll for a year and a half now. We have adopted children from Liberia that needed a good cleansing out. I noticed that this product really helped with their bad breath and BO. Everyone lines up in the morning for...

    Mom of 7 -- Posted 9/21/09

Customer Reviews

  1. Berry Well® - 8 fl. oz.

    Berry Well
    This is has worked great to help prevent colds this winter.

    Bethany -- Posted 4/6/14

Customer Reviews

  1. Beeyoutiful Balance™ - 2 oz.

    Helped me conceive after 3 years of PCOS
    when i bought this cream i read all the reviews to see if anyone had the issues i did and if it helped them.so i thought i would write down my positve experience incase anyone has pcos issues like me. i have had pcos for 3 years. undiagnosed for 2 ye...

    Betty -- Posted 9/19/13