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    Beeyoutiful Breeze

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    Elderberry Syrup Starter Kit

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    Meet the Tallents!

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    Mineral Makeup

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Customer Reviews

  1. All-Natural Deodorant

    No more smell for Mel :)
    I ordered the deodorant on the recommendation of a good friend. My first time using the new product was at our annual family reunion on my husband's side! This could have been a disaster; however the 'sugar and spice' worked like nothing I have ever...

    Mel -- Posted 7/12/13

Customer Reviews

  1. Tummy Tuneup™

    Great Low Cost Product
    This is a great low cost alternative to other lesser probiotics that you can purchase in most stores. I love the product! Having been on a lot of antibiotics in the past, my gut really needs the help, and this product does it.

    actdree -- Posted 4/23/13

Customer Reviews

  1. Deep Silver

    Goes with everything
    This sparkly silver eye shadow is one of my go-to favorites. It's neutral and goes with practically anything, so I find myself using it when I just want a little eye shadow to add pizzazz to a normal day. It's great mixed with deep plum and teal, and...

    Melinda -- Posted 6/9/14