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    Mineral Makeup

    Our 100% pure mineral makeup line. Chemical Free!


Customer Reviews

  1. SuperMom® Multivitamin

    For me this is miraculous!
    I've had my bottle of Super Mom tabs for 2 years and I'm just needing to reorder now. I could tell an energy level difference when I took them, but often got too busy or just forgot. When I started home educating my oldest this year my wimpy energy l...

    Julia T. -- Posted 7/15/08

Customer Reviews

  1. Miracle Skin Salve™

    Amazing Miracle!
    I had my doubts about this product when a friend told me about it. I was a bit intimidated because of the price, but she convinced me to give it a try and I am sure glad I did! This stuff is amazing! No more getting messy with destine! Miracle Sa...

    Rebecca -- Posted 11/20/12

Customer Reviews

  1. Miracle Skin Salve™

    Household Favorite
    We LOVE Miracle Skin Salve:) It works wonders for bumps, bruises, chaffing, chapped lips, diaper rash, and facial moisterizer. And it definitely lasts a LONG time!

    Ashley -- Posted 12/31/13