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Customer Reviews

  1. Miracle Skin Salve™

    We use this product for just about everything. Cuts, rashes, facial/night cream, insect bites, burns, etc. Never have our cuts and burns healed so quickly! And the pain goes away within seconds. We carry it with us everywhere we go!

    AJR -- Posted 8/23/13

Customer Reviews

  1. SuperMom® Multivitamin

    Great Product!
    I have been taking Supermom for 3 years and through 2 pregnancies. I can tell a big difference in my energy level when I remember to take them and when I don't. And as a mom of 3 soon to be 4 kids I need all the energy I can get!!!

    Chiffany -- Posted 11/9/12

Customer Reviews

  1. Beeyoutiful Skin Makeup Catalog

    Beautiful catalog!
    What a beautiful catalog! The introduction by Stephanie is wonderful, the photos are pretty, and the paper is heavy-weight and glossy. I'm eager to have more to share with friends and customers.

    Melissa -- Posted 4/27/13