What going on?

As most of you know, Stephanie Tallent has a blog that she posts to periodically about her health adventures with her family and friends. Recently, she posted on her blog about the benefits of probiotics and how she uses them (or is going to use them!)

She has challenged all of her readers to join her in a two month "gut guardian" challenge!


Getting Involved!

So we at Beeyoutiful thought this was a great idea, and most of us here have gone in on it with her. The challenge starts August 1st, and runs for 60 days.

We are inviting our customers to come along with us! We have a thread over on our forum dedicated to the challenge, where we will be posting and sharing our stories and support for each other as we plunge into this together.

We are running an inventory reduction sale on our Gut Guardian and Gut Guardian Supreme for 20% off. Check them out and see if they are still on sale. If they are, then doing this challenge will be that much cheaper :)


Where do I go?

Here is the link to Steph's blog post. There is a lot of good information here about probiotics, gut health and why she is doing this challenge to begin with.

Here is the link to the forum where we are already posting and gearing up for the challenge!


I hope to see you out there, we are excited to get this going and I really look forward to interacting with our customers and getting to know you all better.

See you on the forum!


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